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    • Otto's Box
    • TP
    • Globe of True Imperial Blood
    • +4 Tomes (except Charisma)
    • EE treads of falling shadow
    • Bypasses



    EE Ancient band
    EE Helm of the black dragon (Str +8)
    EE Helm of the black dragon (Ins Dex +3)
    EE Intrincate Field Optics (Wis +8)
    EE Belt of the Seven Ideals
    EE Jorgundal's Collar (x2)
    EE Kardin's Eye
    EE Ring of the Stormreaver Profecy (x3)
    EE Quiver of Poison (btc so would be through asah) (x2)
    EE Madstone Skull
    EE Bulwark of the Storm's Fist
    EE Hammer of the Leaden clouds
    EE Turmoil Within
    EE Bronze Ingot Arcanum (x2)
    EE Silver Ingot Arcanum
    EE Windlasher


    EE Bastion
    Planar focus of erudition (+3 ins Int)
    Planar focus of prowess (+8 Str)
    Planar focus of prowess (+8 Con)

    Other Currencies

    + 3 Tomes : (2 x Con, 1 x Int, 1 x Char, 1 x Str)
    Tons of Blue/Black/White dragon scales
    Few Red/Green dragon scales
    +3 Lesser Heart of Wood
    10 Raid Bypasses
    7,000,000 plat

    * I won't do any trade with guildless toons / bags. Feel free to contact me by PM here or ingame (preferably).

    Stronth / Jufina of Argonnessen
    Trolls Lair
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