EE ring of djinn
EE blue dragon helm +8 cha
EE black dragon helm ins con +3
EE backtabbers
EE axe of Adaxus
EE ring of shadows

Have to trade

EE skullsmasher
EE turmoil within
EE allegiance
EE giantcraft compass
EE chill of winter
EE bronze arcanum
EE intricate field optics cha +3
spider-spun capparison dex +8
Sapphire of phys res +14
Wis +7 aug
stone heart +8 cha
flawless blacks/whites/blues

thats about it will add stuff as i get it
also idk if people saw because i few in my guild didnt the EE skullmasher is a 3.5(1d6) with x3 crit
IGN shadowsguns, shadowgu