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    Default Wyrmblood is Recruiting [Khyber]

    Wyrmblood is a level 79 guild that is looking for new people to bolster our ranks. We’re seeking friendly, active, self-motivated individuals. We’re a small group of players that have banded together for the mutual benefit of having a ship available for buffs and to share information.

    We’re made up of players from all over the globe with real-world responsibilities so it’s tough to organize guild raids or events at this time. We tend to solo or form PuGs for the most part. When time permits, we do group together. The guild members are friendly and helpful but a strong D.I.Y. mentality prevails here.

    Many of us have been playing DDO for years and we are welcoming to new players. All that we really ask is for members to be active.

    If you’re interested, please contact Pandema in-game.
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