Wanna trade some stuff (post here or send me a mail):


Globe of True Imperial Blood
Ottos Box
Draconic Soul Gem
+4 Tomes / Tome Upgrades
TP codes
EE / EH Helm of the Black Dragon (+3 str)
EE / EH Helm of the White Dragon (+3 str)
(Order also lists priority)
Some of the items listed below are also up for Plat or Bypasses

What I can offer:

EE White Dragon Helm (+3 Con - Trade for imperial Blood, Soul Gem, TP, Box)
EE Kardins Eye
EE Ring of the Djinn
EE Royal Scimitar (currently bound - would involve some trade via shard exchange)

EH Jorgundal's Collar (see wanted list / 1.8M Plat)
EH Manacles of Ceasless Toil
EH Blue Dragon Helm (+3 Int) (Imperial Blood, or Soul Gem only)
EH Blue Dragon Helm (+3 Wis - Trade for imperial Blood, Soul Gem, TP, Box)
EH Axe of Adaxus (Topaz of Fire Resist 35 slotted in Orange)

EN Ring of the Djinn
EN Ghost Wacky Cloak

Red Augment Crystal of Metallic Edges (Metalline DR)
Red Augment Crystal of Demon's Ruin (Cold Iron+Good DR)
Red Augment Crystal of Devil's Ruin (Cold Iron+Silver DR)
Colorless Augment of Exceptional Strength +1

Dragon Scales (any White Blue Black)
Restored Dragon Relics
Scrolls - large pile of (including SoS & Charged Gauntlets) - just ask for what u need
+3 Strength Tome
Raid Bypasses
Cloak of Ice - Old school
Abishai Cookie Sets

Gonna spare you the junk but if you are looking for an older unbound named item ask here or via inbox.

Will also trade most of my offers for plat or raid timer bypasses.