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    Default Paladin tank build?

    I really wanted to be a tank. I have been playing like 14 days now, my first life was a paladin with 2 fighter ranks(dorf).

    I tr'd into a dorf Barb. I hate it.

    I want to be a Paladin tank, but am unsure how to make one. I have learned a lot in the last 2 weeks. I get the avoidance vs mitigation thing.

    I would love to be a dorf but am willing to go human if the benefits are that great.

    I was thinking about high cha, dump str, good dex, ok con, and wis and int???

    I am level 18, but still 2 or 3 days till I can tr if it's really 7 days in between.

    I want to go sword and board, but want the high saves cause spells tear me apart these last 2 lives.

    Cha will add saves, intimi, and smite damage.

    I have +3 all stat tombs, and will start with a 36 point build next life. I plan on getting 25 and staying there for a long time if not ever with this guy.

    I was thinking Balance, Intimidate, ?jump?, and ?spot or listen?.

    No idea on enhancements, maybe +cha and toughness, and what ever else is needed to get to DoS line?

    Maybe feats like shield mastery one and two, tower shield, and the rest is un certian.

    I really hate being a drain on my groups. I played EQ for so many years in a hard core raiding guild. I played a cleric, and also a healer in wow and Swtor.

    I cant find any decent builds to save my life and would greatly appreciate any help people could offer.
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