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    Quote Originally Posted by elcagador View Post
    Strength is important for the damage you can make (dps), and this is a game where dps is essencial for any all around build, especially at higher levels. Also, good tanks need a lot of gear for both damage mitigation, hate generation, hitpoints and damage output.

    The splash i like the best is the Human Paladin 18/monk 2 for evasion with high saves against that nasty spells like delayed fire blast, meteor swarm, chain lighting, cometfal, etc.

    Features: toughness, shield mastery, empower healing, Improve critical slashing, quicken spell, cleave, great cleave, improved shield mastery or bastard sword/dwarven axe proficiency, overwhelming critical (require 23 base str), epic toughness (require 21 base con)

    Monk features: power attack, THF or another toughness

    Base stats 34 pt build:

    16 str +3 tome+4 ability raise =23
    12 dex
    16 con +3 tome+ 2 ability raise=21
    8 int
    10 wis
    15 cha +3 tome= 18

    Enhancements prestige: defender of siberys

    But keep in mind that you will need to have some decent gear to make a tank shine (if you dont have gear you might be dissapointed with the dps and even the self suficiency of the build)

    You will need gear for: Heavy fortification (exceptional fortification for epic levels), superior false life, toughness, saves (resistance item, major luck, superior parrying, etc), strength, dexterity, constitution, wisdom, charisma (including exceptional and insightful bonuses for str, con and cha), armor class, dodge, incorporeal and concealment bonuses (protection, natural armor, heighteness, dodge, ghostly, blurry etc), sp and devotion gear (like power/archmagi+ potency/devotion), a good shield, and of course a good S&B weapon (bastard sword, dwarven axe, longsword or another weapon you can use with the shield), and a THF weapon for when not using a shield.

    You can get most of that from the auction house and some named sets not very hard to aquire, later can get some more dificult named items like gs, raid loot like Torc and conc opp, etc.

    So as you can see, a tank is very gear dependant for high levels (the good thing is that tanks are good for low levels as long as you know how to control your aggro and heals and dr breakers of some enemies).

    Goals to aim for end level: 1100+ Hp (with Legendary dreadnougth destiny), 100+ Prr (on light armor and evasion mode), 100+ ac (on evasion mode), decent dps for dps slot filling, high intimidate and hate generation, decent self healing (250+ quickened csw heals plus 100+ quickened rejuvenation cocoon ticks+ lay of hands), 60+ saves, 140+ fortification.
    how to spend skill points in this build? concentration, intimidate and a few points in tumble, jump and heal? is that ok?
    aaaand one more question.. beside cocoon, what should i put in twist of fate?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mraz View Post
    yeah, its hard to get full bonus but im ok with only two dragonmarks. the thing i like about that sword is that gives me bsword proficiency so i dont have to spend a feat wich means i can trade bsword prof for DM.
    Well, either way you're using a feat, so it's a wash. But I suspect the best b.swords for a tank these days are either Nightmare (despite the level-draining nerf) or an EE First Blood, with an eRetribution (slotted w/silver) for when you need a DR breaker. What makes eFang+Sentinel DM attractive is the consolidation of bonuses (Incite + Fortification + Parrying + Shatter); but DPS-wise it's behind the curve now.

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