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    Default Nyreb's Trade List

    Want to Buy / Want to Trade For
    Otto's Box
    Helm of the White Dragon w/ +3 Strength
    Planar Focus of Prowess w/ 3 Strength

    Want To Sell
    Epic Elite Crystalline Scepter
    Epic Hard Skyvault Shield 250k
    Epic Hard Iron Beads
    Epic Hard Dream Visor
    Epic Hard Ring of Shadows
    Epic Hard Nether Grasps
    Epic Hard Leaves of the Forest
    Epic Hard Turmoil Within
    Epic Hard Intricate Field Optics w/ 3 cha
    Epic Hard Jorgundal's Collar
    Epic Hard Black Dragon Helm w/ 3 Dex
    Epic Hard Gloves of Forgotton Craft
    Epic Normal Shadowmail
    Epic Normal Whisperchain
    Heroic Hard Shamanic Fetish
    Heroic Normal Shamanic Fetish
    Heroic Normal Coruption of Nature
    Heroic Normal Adamantine Knuckles
    Archaic Device
    Planar Focus of Erudition w/ 3 cha
    +6 Drow Light Mace of Combat Mastery +5
    7 Flawless Blue Scales

    Please send tell/mail to Nyreb In game, or message here
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    Default Bump


    Still looking for as many box as I can get

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