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    I already know gear I will need and am aiming for. I am looking for help as to what Enhancements/feats/spells that are recomended. I am a 32 point first life (I know first life sorc isn't best but i'm going for it). I am going cold with electric back up.

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    The 1 thing that is the most important in playing a sorc is aggro management and the easiest route is to wait for the melee to get aggro before you start blasting.

    Enhancements: iirc I maxed out everything for cold (some do not take the whole crit chance and multiplier line) and spell power on air, 1 in both crit chance and crit multiplier on air. Max cha and some toughness enhancements not sure about rest (long time since I redid the enhancements), If you are a human and need umd to use heal scrolls, I used human versatility to boost up skills to be able to use heal scolls before I had my umd gear.

    Spells and Feats: check out Farwill´s post he is air, ice second and there is some other good info in there I think the diffrence between my water savant and his feats is that I took the spell pen instead of extend and sorc past life and then epic spell pen instead of greater charisma but that is very debatable what is best I just hated seeing blueshield on a drow caster I was trying to finger on epic hard (my water savant was a farmer mostly).

    You will need to do some CC do not worry to much about your dc´s, use debuffs like crushing despair, hypnotism, symbol of death, enervate, energy drain and more. For example I used to cast a disco ball then crushing despair sorcs have short cooldown on spells use it. Greater Shout is a very good cc spell to if you have good evocation dc´s.

    Edit: forgot to point out 1 of the best spells for 1st life sorcs and that is Otto's Irresistible Dance
    it even works on orange named bosses.
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