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    Default What's next for Lamannia

    So by the calendar this is supposed to be the end of the first wave of Alpha for the enhancement updates.
    So what's next? I recall a post at some point mentioning that the U18 preview was next - any timeline for that?

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    Per Squeak...

    Quote Originally Posted by SqueakofDoom View Post
    Lamannia will be coming down tomorrow (Friday, May 3) from 8am to 10am EST (GMT -4) for some Maintenance. This downtime will not bring new content to Lamannia.

    Next Monday (May 6), Lamannia will have another Update. (Downtime from 10am to 2pm EST (GMT -4).) Monday's Update will bring new fun things to Lamannia (Update 18 quests). We will be removing the New Enhancements and going back to the current Live version of Enhancements. Because this transition can cause issues, we will also have a Character Wipe at this time.

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    Red face

    How about this?
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