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    Default Post U17 Gear for my Stalwart?

    So, I have a pure Fighter 20 Stalwart tank, and his gear has gotten a little stale. Here is his current layout:

    Head - Min II GS Helm (45 HP)
    Trinket - PF of Prowess +3 STR
    Armor - Embrace of the Spider Queen +3 CON
    Neck - Stalwart Necklace (+2 action boosts, Stalwart set +15% threat, +2 AC)
    Ring 1 - Cinder's Band (Exc Con +1, 20% healing amp slotted, Stalwart set +15% threat, +2 AC)
    Ring 2 - Seal of Dun'Robar Str +7 Stunning +10
    Belt - Epic Spare Hand, tier 2 (needs upgrade, I know), not slotted
    Gloves - Fabricator's Gauntlets (Set +25% fort, +2 atk/dmg) (Resistance +5, Melee Alacrity)
    Bracers - Fabricator's Bracers (, Set +25% fort, +2 atk/dmg) (+20% threat, Balance +15, Cannith Infusion)
    Cloak - Mabar (lvl 16) Ghostly, Deathblock, Dodge 1%
    Feet - Treads of Falling Shadow Dex +9

    So, yea, a little outdated. Note there is no False Life item at all, saves are only at +5, Strength is only +10 (7+3), Con is +10 as well (+6+1+3). Obviously can be improved.

    My primary play style is decent DPS in regular parties with eAGA, 54 stun DC and Improved Trip/Sunder, and full-on tank (Templar's Justice + Templar's Bulwark or Planeforged Tower Shield of Superior Parrying) in raids or EE content when needed.

    So, what gear improvements can I make post-U17? I can easily build a Flawless White Plate, and have a +8 STR White helm. I can probably easily procure any EH items (except the f'ing Ring of Djinn, why won't you drop for me?), and some EEs, if really needed. Also can obtain most augments if necessary.

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    Really? Nothing at all? Come on, everyone has an opinion on everything here? Are there any sources of exceptional fortification (except Wall of Wood) to compensate me from the loss of the Stalwart and Fabricator sets? What do I use to reaquire the extra threat generated by both of those? I have the Epic Claw set - is that better?

    I guess noone reads forums any more since the UI went in the toilet ...

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    I'll bite...

    Heal amp is king for a tank.

    54 stun DC is junk in EEs, even non GH. 57+ or go home, 65+ for EE GH. If you mainly play in EH, disregard.

    Basic melee gear these days.

    helm: EH Black Dragon helm (+3/8str, 14 prr, +1 exc str)
    goggles: EH Dream Visor (+7 con) / HP GS Smoke
    necklace: HP GS Smoke / Cinder's
    trinket: Planar Focus of Prowess (+8/3str)
    armor: Cormyrian Red
    cloak: EE Ghost-waking Cloak
    belt: Spare Hand (35gfl, +1 exc dex)
    bracers: 20% amp/parry bracers / 10% amp/parry bracers
    gloves: PDK
    ring1: DunRobar (+10 stun, +7/2 con) / 25% exc fort ring (with yellow slot-+7 con or archmagi)
    ring2: DunRobar (+10 vert, +2/7 con) / Cinder's (+1 exc con, 20% amp)
    boots: Treads
    wpn: Cleaver
    wpn/shield: Chimera's Fang(with feats, good) or Balizarde(good)/EE Bastion or Wall of Wood

    Different swaps possible.

    Might still want to use Claw set for the 20% hate.

    Claw set

    other options:
    Black armor
    Nether Grasps
    Mithral Wolf Cloak
    Seal of Avithoul
    Ravager set
    for dps

    Can slot archmagi in yellow/green slot for Rejuv Cocoon twist.

    Glove of True Imperial Blood would make slotting/swapping more convenient.

    Here are some ideas, good luck.
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    Thank you, that is great - definitely did not consider some of these, like Balizarde (dwarf tank w/ rapier? what?) but they make a lot of sense. And I have/can get MOST of this. Time to finish off that PDK favor to get my new shiny red duds

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