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    Why would WB/Turbine close something down if there is money to be made?
    Lets say that they were on a skeleton staff, and where making minimal investments into infrastructure.
    That would mean that WB/Turbine could extract a modest profit from a rather small player base.

    I would not play this game if there was something that played just like it except was better.
    The question I have for you is where would I go to? What game is like this one? There are a ton of wow clones, and they are interchangeable. Different takes on the same theme. But where is the ddo clone that is better than the original, tell me and I will drop all of the time and money I invested in ddo and go to that game.

    Just imagine if a new game was developed that was everything we (the majority of players) like about ddo and none of the things we don’t. Ddo would be dead in no time, people would write off their investments in ddo as a sunk cost and go to the better game. BUT, who would develop a new game for a niche market? And one that is already being served by an established game?
    The Camelot unchained audience was not already being served. City State Entertainment had to resort to kickstarter for funding that niche game. Ddo is a game that would not have been made in todays climate.
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    My opinion... Is that regardless how bugged/bad DDO is and becomes... The servers wont be shut down. Sure players will leave for better games or just tired of the same Turbine "it will get fixed soon" line.

    But if you stop to think.... Asheron's Call is still around. is not as popular as it once lives and limps on. I think DDO will continue the same way unfortunately.

    What i hope though is a server consolidation and for them to address bugs. Hold off on adding new content. Fix the bugs in game now. Put the expansion pack #2 on hold until these issues are worked out. Do the enhancement update after.

    We went months without updates to the game way back when. I think most of us could tolerate that again if we were seeing progress with them fixing things.

    My 2pp


    oh yeah...they may be a little distracted with their new game... Infinite Crisis. ;-). Different teams I hope...but the distraction is there.
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    When I first read the title of this thread, I thought that it was about forumites/players being verbally abusive to Turbine and the devs on purpose so that they could get a response out of them. Silly me! ^^;

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    one of these days these threads will be right and the naysayers will have egg on their face. the argument of how DDO is dying is very compelling. I hope it lasts. remember, its 20% off +4 tomes available in the store right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by THAC0 View Post
    We went months without updates to the game way back when. I think most of us could tolerate that again if we were seeing progress with them fixing things.

    That's how many favor granting quests/raids/challenges exist in the game. (OK, 327 if you have prepurchased the new expansion.) We could live for a while without new content if Turbine actually spent that time fixing some bugs.

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