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    Default Where did this damage come from?

    (Not exactly a new player, but this seems to be the forum to ask questions in, soooo...)

    I was soloing on my druid and having a bit a trouble. I had all of my mana expended, my main weapon broke, and was getting swarmed by zombies and skeletons, so I quickly searched my bags for a junk weapon to use. Nothing good I could find, so I ended up settling on the following weapon

    +3 Radiance Sickle of Lightning Lore
    (+9 Implement bonus to spellpower)
    (+3 Enhancement bonus)
    (+66 spellpower to light and alignment)
    (+6% crit chance)

    Pathetic right? Whacked the enemies with it a few times, and yup, pathetic damage too. I shifted into wolf form for a bit more dps and all of a sudden:

    Every hit was doing +60-70 good damage. Every... single... hit...

    How? Where is this damage coming from? I mopped the undead up pretty fast after this. Wherever this damage is coming from, humans show as immune to it, so its undead only. But it only works with this exact weapon and only in wolf form.

    (I'm in the dungeon "Tomb of the unhallowed" if it matters)

    EDIT: Looks like while it works on skeletons, ghosts, and zombies, it does not work on mummy boss... very weird.
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