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Thread: Airship Naming

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    Default Airship Naming

    While there are MANY many good things we could add to the game, I will just make this one small suggestion for now.

    Guild airship names: A plaque above the door to the lower decks, or on the deck behind the captain at the wheel, someplace visible to toons as they are normally going about the ship.
    • A one time use set at the time of first airship purchase (least favorite)
    • A reset at anytime thing for officers and/or leader only
    • As other airship amenities, available with from time of first airship, timed and needing renewal as any airship amenity and changeable anytime new contracts are added to the time
    • A constant amenity that is free to name the first time, then pay to change at any time (please, not too much, 'k?)

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    Default And another option...


    And when you are at the airship door it says 'Go to your guild airship "Your cool name here"'

    The destination window now goes away when you arrive!! Good bug fix.
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    Since we know that Turbine is powered by its Fan's Money...

    Development of this idea could be paid for by making this say a 595 TP item in the Store.
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