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    Default Blue Screen of Death when I logout and Exit game


    HARD CRASH. Blue Screen of Death or BSD.

    This only occurs when I quit the game while on a character. it occurs from the Harbor, from House K, and if I ALT-F4 the application while on a character.

    If I logout of the character and go back to the Character Selection Screen it does not happen. I have done 25 successful logout of characters and back to the Character Selection Screen and then exit without a BSD.

    I Hard Crash around 25% of the time when I am playing a character and I logout and exit from in game on any of my characters on any server.

    Is there a different exit routine being executed from the Character Selection Screen? Is it possible that the timer in the game that checks your character for inactivity has a flaw in it and when you logout and exit while on a character it goes through that routine for some reason?

    All I know, I am going to logout from my character first, go back to the character selection screen, and then exit from there to avoid the HARD CRASH.

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    BSoD errors are hardware, updates and driver related, causing the computer to stop responding in order to prevent damage to the hardware or data, i would be very very surprised if this is a direct result of the game, more than likely you have an issue with your PC mate and it is just coincidental that it started after the last patch.

    The first culprit i would look at would be GFX Drivers/Cards then failing any problems there check your RAM and HDD/SSD.
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    Especially Memory, CPU and Harddisks are ageing quickly and starting to die with such kind of issues.

    Something similar happened recently to me too and was also wondering what was going on. Then I ran a memory test and eventually it reported several errors. Most new motherboards already provide such a test at boot or even Win 7 may allow to run a boot diagnostic by itself. Also as XiaNYdE said, take a closer look at the BSD report, if it is an IRQ (some kind of hardware event messaging pipeline) error it may be driver related and often is a conflict between video and sound system.
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