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    Default my criticisms of the new enhancements

    All in all, i really like the new direction of the enhancement pass. I think things are off to a really solid start. A lot of work still needs to be done, but it's a great start.

    General review:

    One big suggestion. Add a fifth panel, and limit it to racial PRE's only, once they're unlocked. This will give us more freedom, especially since you have to spend AP to get to it in the first place. The second suggestion is let people unlock T5 in racial tree as well as one of their class trees. It would be a very heavy AP investment, pretty much limiting it to 2 trees + unlocking the racial.

    Now, for my class feed back. I'm limiting my feedback to the classes i have played the most and feel I can offer the most on: monk, druid, FVS, Paladin


    core abilities- These are all pretty good. I only have one suggestion. Let the DR-bypass abilities affect all ki weapons. Something like "Through your training, your ki becomes a tangible force, bypassing X-Damage reduction"

    Light finisher enhancments. These I do not like. I'd have to expend 40 ki to use them, and wait a fairly long amount of time to get that lesser restoration effect... Please switch these back to how they are now.

    Rise of the Pheonix. I really like the idea, i like the flavor. I just do not like the 100 ki requirement. It's very high for a lvl 12 to have to maintain.

    Last, All the shintao strikes (smite tainted, dismissing strike, jade strike...) in the current system, their DC's are great, because they assume heavy monk, but this isn't necessarily true in the new system. How about replacing the monk level with monk level/2 +char level/2. This way a heavy splash still gets some use out of the abilities, but pure monks keep the advantage. And while i'm at it, this should really apply to all monk-enhancement abilities.

    Core abilities:
    Riddle of Fire- I really like the idea. Monk casters=Win. Now, i would like one alteration. Have this as a selectable enhancement: Riddle of Fire/Riddle of Waves/Riddle of Storms/Riddle of Earth, and have them as fire/cold/electric/acid, respectively, as well as force. Obviously this would entail a change to the other core abilites, but it wouldn't be that difficult.

    Ki bolt/incinerating wave- Once again, I really like the idea, but i just feel that a max caster level of 10 is not enough for the core abilities.

    Elemental words: These are pretty good. I do have one change. have the attack deal the melee damage as elemental damage.

    Mystical Training: A great idea, but it falls just a bit short. the only real use is for dark monk in this form. Instead, change the finsihing move to all monk-dc (stunning fist, finishers, Touch of Death, quivering palm, light monk strikes...)

    Everything else, great. My only other suggestion. I think the core abilities should somehow grant the ability to use wis-to hit/dmg

    Ninja Spy:
    core abilities- These are all great. I love the flavor.

    Ninjutsu- In this case, I like the idea of the toggles. Instead, my problem is with trying to use the touch of despair. Having a 3x dark finisher, isn't easy, especiall before you get shadowfade. And even then, you have to use fists/shadowfade/fists. but still, i like the idea. I just think there needs to be another low level dark monk attack

    Last concern with ninja(really great tree here), And I haven't personally tested this (comp has been having issues), but I heard that Touch of Death can't be used with anything but fists. If so, it's kind of dissapointing to have t5 ability that can't be used with the weapons you've taken so many core abilities to boost.

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    Default Paladin

    Knight of the Chalice
    Cores- I like the cores. Great idea, great flavor.

    Extra Remove disease/extra turn undead- Given that these are at the bottom of the paladin tree, but not gained until later paladin levels, could they grant the feats as well, maybe a weaker version?

    Exalted smite- I like the way the idea. It's not working properly, but it's a great idea. My only concern is rewording it so that it's obvious the enhancements don't stack.

    Divine Might: While nice and less restrictive, in obtaining, it is a lot harder to use. for handwraps, my palimonk currently gets +4 damage(rank 2). With all 3 ranks, I'd get +5 damage. so i get a bump. However, if i had gone like some of the others and done a 15/3/2 split, i'd be losing 1 damage... So, what about having it add .5/1/1.5 x your charisma mod to your strength? This way you'd a pure paladin with a 30 charisma gets +15 strength, +7-8 dmg for twf and +10-12dmg for thf.

    Passion- Could this grant temporary HP as well as SP? after all, you have to expend 5HP to use it.

    Will get to sacred defender later

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    Default Favored soul

    Divine Avenger
    Where is it? Please give us this in future updates

    Angel of Vengeance
    Core abilities: all very nice, but could use a bit more spell power

    Articles of Faith- I like the ability and am glad someone got this finally. However, it'd be much better in the Divine Avenger tree

    Crown of Retribution- Could we have a way of targeting ourselves with this? Please? I never use it on live now.

    Other suggestions for the tree:
    It's a great tree over all, but it is the only spell caster tree that doesn't gain SLA's. It does gain the archon, but i think it could have SLA's similar to the druid tree without any issue. Something like:
    T2: Nimubs of Light
    T3: Magic Missile- Maybe a new divine force spell?
    T4: Flamestrike
    t5: Here we have some options. My personal preference would be a divine punishment that takes 3 ranks to get to a reusable count down, but there's other options

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    Default Druid

    Season's herald
    Cores- Pretty nice, not sure about the SLA's, but i'll take them. I think i'd rather have something that could effect elemental forms.

    Here i only have a few issues:
    Spring's Resurgence/crown of summer- Please make them self targetable again. Some of us like to solo.

    Word of Balance SLA- As a t5 ability, i feel it should have a bonus to spell pen or something else.

    Nature's Warrior
    cores- COuld defiintely use some variety... Mayve add banes to natural weapons? vermin/animal/elemental/dragon?

    Fight- 3 damage is nice, but animal forms still need more love

    Four good legs- Please change this to augment fatal harrier or reaving roar? It's very nice but if it can't be used with those, then it's worthless

    Alpha strike- seems okay, but needs a 15-20 sec coold down, no use limit

    wild healing- coudl this cast a cure spell? cure ligth/moderate/serious wounds? not affected by spell power?

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