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    Default Alpha Overview - Artificer version

    First time I checked the alpha, I was impressed. I loved the new enhancements, and was full of build ideas. Then after reading the forum, I went to "OH NOES. THEY ARE BREAKING THE GAME". A third look at it and I was in doubt on how to feel. I decided to summarize the changes. Since other people might find it usefull I'll post it here. It took some work to do the arti part, so I might take a while to post the other classes and racial trees - unless some other forumites want to make a post with the same guidelines. That would be great

    I'll compare live and alpha versions of the enhancements existent on live. First look will be just facts.
    Green text means it is an obvious improvement from live
    Red text means an obvious nerf from live
    Orange text means it is debatable
    Blue Text is my personal look on the issue, a commentary

    Note that I'm using the wiki as reference as I don't have lam instaled atm. Please let me know if something is not correct, so I can rearrange the OP
    Also, I'll be using PST for short of Points spent in tree pre-requisit, and since all enhancements on alpha requires the cost of one 3 choice, I'll not write that fore every enhancement

    Artificer Item Defense

    Cost/Progression on live:
    1/2/3/4 for 25/33/50/60%, Artificer level 1/5/9/13

    Cost/Progression on Alpha:
    1/1/1 for 25/50/75%, Artificer level 1

    This one is not a very usefull enhancement, but it is definetly boosted. For the cost of 2 ranks you get a bonus higher than the 4 ranks on live, it has no PST pre-req. Of course no one would pick a tree just for it.
    Artificer Uncaring Master

    Cost/Progression on live:
    2, Artificer level 3
    Cost/Progression on Alpha:
    2, Artificer level 1,

    Same as item defense. It is not a great enhancement, but it is now pickable as level 1 arti. It makes easier for /2 or /1 arti splashes to use the pet for lever pulling and such. Again no one would pick a tree just for it though
    Artificer Improve Rune Arm Use

    Cost/Progression on live:
    1/2/3/4 for decay-20%/Cooldown-20%/decay-50%/charge+25%, Artificer level 2/6/10/14
    Cost/Progression on Alpha:
    1/1/1 for Cooldown -10/20/30%, artificer level 1
    1/1/1 PLUS PST for Charge +10/20/33%, Artificer level 2
    2 PLUS 10 PST for decay-25%, Artificer level 3
    2 PLUS 15 PST for decay-50%, Artificer level 4

    For anyone not investing in the Battle engineer tree, this is a nerf. While no one would multiclass arti for the rune arm burst damage, since it depends on arti levels, this also affect Arcanotechnicians. They will need to invest heavily on the battle engineer three if they want to improve their rune arm. This is not ok, since the runearm is a ARTIFICER perk, not battle engineers only.
    I would paint it red, but for someone investing in the Battle Engineer tree this is a boost, since the cost for the enhancements for someone who is already investing in that tree are the same and the boost slight higher.
    Sugested change: Make it so that tier 1 skill grants for 1/1/1 -10%CD/+10%charge/-15%decay, tier 2 and 3 has the same composition. this way a smaller investiment on the tree can reach the same boost as live version.
    Artificer Rune Arm Overcharge

    Cost/Progression on live:
    2/4 for stable tier 2/3, Artificer level 4/16, 1/10 points in pre reqs.
    Cost/Progression on Alpha:
    2 PLUS 15 PST for tier 2, 1 tree, Artificer level 4
    2 PLUS 30 PST for tier 3, Artificer level 5
    Same as the other Rune arm enhancement, actually even worse as it is a tier 5 skill. If it is mandatory to link a class core perk to a tree, it need to be low tier. as it is arcanotecs will not be able to use the rune arm damage burst.
    Sugestion: I don't think this is powerfull enough for tier 4 and 5. Drop it to tiers 1 and 2, 3 at most

    Artificer Inteligente

    Cost/Progression on live:
    2/4/6 for +1/1/1 INT, Artificer level 2/6/10
    Cost/Progression on Alpha:
    2/2 plus 10/15 PST for +1/1 INT, Artificer level 3/4

    While I see you can only take +2 int from this tree, the cost is lower, if you are already investing in EITHER of the 2 arti trees, and it is supposed to stack with the int boost from other trees. So if you are pure, you will end up spending enough point in the other tree to get +3 for lower cost. If you are splashing or multiclassing, you wouldn't be able to get the higher tiers on live anyway.And the cost is also lower for you

    Artificer Improved UMD
    Cost/Progression on live:
    1/1/1/1 for +1/1/1/1, Artificer level 3/7/11/15
    Cost/Progression on Alpha:

    Artificer Skill Boost
    Cost/Progression on live:
    1/2/3/4 for +2/3/4/5, Artificer level 1/4/7/10
    Cost/Progression on Alpha:

    Artificer Energy Resistence Boost
    Cost/Progression on live:
    1/2/3/4 for +8/10/12/15, Artificer level 1/4/7/10
    Cost/Progression on Alpha:

    Those are simple unavaliable on live. Guess bug-report it

    Artificer Damage Boost
    Cost/Progression on live:
    1/2/3/4 for +10/15/20/25%, Artificer level 1/4/7/10
    Cost/Progression on Alpha:
    1/1/1 plus 5 points spent in tree for +10/20/30%, Artificer level 2

    Even if you need to spend the point in trash enhancements, the total cost for +30%is 8 pts, while it is 10 pts for +25% on live. I consider it a boost

    Artificer Crossbow Attack
    Cost/Progression on live:
    2/4 for +1/1, Artificer level 4/10
    Cost/Progression on Alpha:
    2/2+5 points in tree/2+10PST/2+15 for +1/1/1/1, plus +1 damage for non repeating crossbows Artificer level 1/2/3/4

    Artificer Crossbow Damage
    Cost/Progression on live:
    2/2 for +1/1 for repeaters, +2/2 for non repeaters, Artificer level 4/7
    Cost/Progression on Alpha:
    Unavaliable, the damage for non repeaters is part of the enhancement for attack bonus

    I'm in the impression wiki might be wrong for this one. If it is not, you can get no damage boost to repeaters, cost is higher if you consider de PST pre-req. Very bad
    Artificer Wrack Construct
    Cost/Progression on live:
    1/2/3 for +1/3/5d6 and 10/20/30% fort reduction, Artificer level 3/7/11
    Cost/Progression on Alpha:
    1/2/3 +5PST, for +1/3/5d6 and 10% stackable 5 times fort reduction, artificer level 2

    I actually consider this one a buff, specially for splashes, since you will only need 2 arti levels for the higher rank and the PST cost is not too high. while the initial fort reduction is not as high, hitting something 5 times to get it even higher shouldn't be to hard. Your mind may differ though
    Artificer Energy of Creation
    Cost/Progression on live:
    1/2/3/4 for +20/20/20/20, Artificer level 1/5/9/13
    Cost/Progression on Alpha:
    1/1/1 for 30/30/30, Artificer level 1

    Much lower cost, higher returns, just requires arti level 1. Great

    Artificer Wand Heightening
    Cost/Progression on live:
    1/2/3 for +1/1/1 DC, Artificer level 3/7/11
    Cost/Progression on Alpha:
    2/2+5 points in tree or +1/1, Artificer level 1

    Was already a bad enhancement. Now it is even worse. Much more costly, lower returns

    Artificer Wand And Scroll Mastery
    Cost/Progression on live:
    1/2/3/4 for +30/15/15/15% boost, Artificer level 2/5/8/11
    Cost/Progression on Alpha:
    2/2/2+5 PST for +25/25/25, Artificer level 2

    Where this not linked to wand heightening horrible enhancement it could even be a boost
    "Element" Manipulation
    Cost/Progresion on live:
    1/1/1/1/1/1/1 for 40/10/10/10/10/10/10 SP, Artificer level 1/3/5/7/9/11/13
    Cost/Progression on Alpha:
    Unavaliabe. You get 1USP per point spent in arcanotechnician

    This is also unavaliable in alpha. It is tied to the awfull change to skills granting SP. Don't want to get into that, as that change is not even part of the enhancement pass. One sugestion though: Make skills grant "enhancement" bonus to SP, like itens, and keep the SP enhancements. This way you can max the skill if you want to substitute an item, but you can just ignore them and keep using an item if you want

    Deadly "Element"
    Cost/Progresion on live:
    1/1/1/1/1/1, +1/1/1/1/1/1 in pre-reqs for 35/10/10/10/10/10% crit damage, Artificer level 3/6/9/12/15/18
    Cost/Progression on Alpha:

    Also unavaliable in alpha

    "Element" Spellcasting
    Cost/Progresion on live:
    1/1/1/1/1/1, +2/2/2/2/2/2 in pre-reqs for 4/1/1/1/1/1% crit chance damage, Artificer level 3/6/9/12/15/18
    Cost/Progression on Alpha:
    2/2/2/2, 0/5/5/5 PST for 1/1/1/1%, but works for force, eletric and fire at once. Not avaliable to the other elements. Arti 1

    Much lower possible gains, and the nice pre-reqs that grant spell powers are not there. plus there are missing spell lines
    Artificer skills
    Cost/Progresion on live:
    1/1/1/1 for +1/1/1/1, Artificer level 1/4/8/12
    Cost/Progression on Alpha:
    2/2/2 for 1/1/1, but works for 3 skills at once. No choice for the other skills.

    It could easily be a boost, even considering it costs a tree choice, but some key skills like search are unavaliable

    Artificer Battle engineer:

    Cost/Progresion on live:
    4 points, 7 points in pre-reqs, a choice of PRE and a feat. Grants Endless, +10hp, -10%ASF, stackable seeker +2 and +2 to xbows
    Cost/Progression on Alpha:
    Endless costs 2 plus 15 PST. the ASF is avaliable for 2+10PST/2+30pst for 10/20% and added bonuses of 5/5PRR and +1/1AC. The damage and seeker boost is avaliable for 2+5PST/2+20PST, but applies to all weapons

    This is too changed to consider it a straight nerf. I consider it ok, since a PRE had a lot pre-reqs before. Endless fusilade is not too expensive to obtain, and if that is what you are after you can spend the 15 pts of pre-reqs in usefull stuff.
    Artificer Arcane Empowerment
    Cost/Progresion on live: 2, choice of a capstone, Increases Caster level and DC for clickies and wands
    Cost/Progression on Alpha: 2, 40PST, same boost as live PLUS +2 INT and +5 spellcraft

    I think it is a buff for multiclasses that can get this capstone now, and it has the extra int and spellcraft bonus. since you are only supposed to have one capstone, I don't think it is bad even if you are a pure battle engineer that wants it. You would have to give up your capstone anyway, and you will have left over points to get most of what you want from BE.

    Since there are no frame to compare, all new enhancements are buffs. If you don't think it is worth it, it is still a buff as you coudn't even chose it before.

    Only to point some I consider need atention, the choice to get boost to hand and a half weapons as a battle engineer is great (it's capstone not so much. could be better). On the arcanotech side, the SLA are nice.
    Personal conclusion
    I actually like the arti changes. While some things are annoying the, new benefits makes up for it. There are some missing stuff like some skill buffs, but devs have stated that something that is missing and not changed is a bug, and will be fixed (hope that is true). The only real issue I'm seeing is towards spell power and spell crits. It seens that is very likely it is due to the skill to spell power change, and it seens the worse part of the enhancement pass is not really part of the enhancement pass but an entire different change. I heard artis got the good side of the change though. Let's see how other classes go later
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    Default Very well done!

    Thank you for this excellent analysis.

    I have a couple comments:

    1. A lot of the weapon damage increases comes in the Battle Engineer tree comes from the root enhancements - tiers 1, 3 and 5 (if you count the first one as 0; otherwise, it's 2, 4 and 6). So, that's one extra + for weapon enhancement, but no other bonuses to damage, resulting in a -1 to repeater damage over all compared to live. It would be nice if at least one tier of Weapon Training provided an increase in repeater damage (tier 2 if you need to gate it). Otherwise, no sane repeating xbow artificer is going to take that worthless skill line, though it will be a staple for melee arties. For my repeating build, this situation is a loss.

    2. If a person wants to build an artificer similar to what we have on live, they'll have to take the Arcanowhatever capstone, further reducing their xbow damage by 1 b/c they won't be able to take the BE capstone (for a total of -2). It's probably not a bad trade, since the BE only adds +1 AC and +1 to hit/dam (and up to 24 spell power, since sp is based on the weapon you are holding - which totally doesn't make sense, given that Arcanowhatevers are casters and their capstone only grants 5 spell power). However, it kind of sucks since the Arcanowhatever root enhancements aren't that interesting (to me).

    3. The loss of spell power enhancements is reducing the variation of artificers while increasing the versatility. The arguments over specializing in force versus acid will be moot, since they both come from the same source now. That's kind of cookie cutter and feels bland to me.

    4. Having requirements of points spent in tree rather than level decreases the enhancements you can have at level. In other words, you will be able to either have Improved Rune Arm Use or Rune Arm Overcharge, but not both, at the level they become available. Likewise, taking one of them will block out taking other minimum points spent in tree enhancements. While that increases customization of the artie, it is slightly dangerous to those new to the class, who may choose enhancements that hurt their functionality.
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