So, I can't let all the obscenely wealthy people have all the fun.

Things I'm looking for:
  • Royal guard mask
  • +4 tomes, other than WIS/INT
  • Raid passes
  • Turbine points

Things I have have:
  • EE Arkhat's cord
  • EE Livewood bow
  • EN Jeweled cloak
  • EH skyvault shield
  • EH Ancient band
  • Flawless scales of varying colors
  • Restored relics
  • Devil's ruin crystals
  • Helm with large guild slot
  • Raid passes
  • Platinum
  • GS Mats
  • Ring of spell storing
  • Eberron shards of various sizes
  • Non-epic dragon scales and relics
  • An obscene amount of greater and lesser essences
  • FRDS
  • Major mnemonic potions
  • +3 hearts of wood
  • Tome/shield/tapestry pieces
  • Various and sundry epic scrolls
  • and yanno, other stuff

Feel free to contact me in-game at Sarghi/Sarghii/Sarghiii, make public/private offers/bids or whatnot.

(Posting is getting annoying. By time I finish typing, I'm logged out, and have to re-navigate the maze which is these forums)