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    Default WarnTurBros is done with DDO

    Here's why:

    We constantly offer suggestions about things we would like to spend money on; to name just a few:
    More volume/types of storage ie. Scroll case, components pouch, potion "6 pack"/bandoleer, etc.
    "Quest completion" counter resets.
    "Tokens of Unbinding" from "bound to character" to BTA/BTCoE.
    We get none of this.

    We constantly point out things that make us want to spend less or no money:
    Content that feels "rushed" do to excessive bugginess or in at least one case, listed as broken and uncompletable upon release.
    Moving forward with changes like the forum/game account merger in spite of many unaddressed concerns over the reduction in security.
    Asking for our opinions/feedback on new content/systems via the Mournlands & Lamania programs; then blatantly ignoring most of the issues/concerns raised at those stages.
    Extremely poor customer service.
    Undelivered promises on bug fixes/"quality of (game)life improvements."
    We consistently get more of this.

    We constantly cry out on these clearly, obviously monitored forums, asking for clarity on - or explanations of, issues/decisions/directions we consider "game braking" or "fun wrecking"or "head-scratchingly inexplicable."
    These almost always go unanswered.

    After considering all of the above for quite some time now, I've only been able to come to one conclusion:
    That somebody in a position of authority, wether it be at Turbine or the WB it's self, wishes to be rid of DDO.

    Of course, that in turn begs the question: "Why haven't they simply shut it down, or at least stopped investing any resources beyond the minimum required to keep the lights on?"

    The short answer is I don't know.
    Obviously, the powers that be want to continue making money off this game, why else would it still be here? Yet there is a consistently demonstrated lack of concern for both product quality and customer satisfaction. How can any business expect to sustain a profit with such clear and obvious disregard to those two factors? In all (business) reality they can't. Hence my conclusion that whomever is in the drivers seat can only be seeking to scrape out whatever mileage (revenue) they can while coasting to the scrap heap.

    While I am of course hoping in futility that any official company representative will address these concerns, I clearly expect there will not be one. I also of course welcome anyone to point out where my logic is flawed, or observations inaccurate. In fact, I'm begging anyone to show me some proof to the opposite of what I have put forward here.

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    To the tl;dr Yah, yah, another doom thread crowd: Do you have any other observations to offer?
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