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    Default 4 rogue/ 16wizard/ 5 epic End character layout!


    Base stats are taken from my use of DDO character gen program. So the stats are from a lv 25 look at the base stats with all of my feats and stuff but no items equiped!

    I think I have a few useless ghostly or blur affects. Blur and Ghostly stack but something else doesn't I beleive. I was curious if the visuals would still be there. Like my lesser Displacement and whatnot. I think it's my Concealments that don't stack actually. Besides my double ghostlies. I was hoping the visuals would stack regardless to look cool! 8) Then I might look like I"m coming from the mist!

    Base of the Build is 36 points and 18 Dex, 12 Con, 18 Int

    The Pasts lives only give so much so they are not that crucial but they are nice. So consider them optional. It wouldn't be to hard to get whichever ones are most useful.

    I've been informed that double Evasion does not give improved evasion. I was hoping it did and was one of the big partsof the build. So it has lost lots of defense from that sadly. But maybe it is still pretty decent. Any potential for this type of build?

        4 Rogue/ 16 Wizard/ 25 epic
        True Neutral/ Neutral Good
        *Combat Casting
        Defensive Fighting
        Dimiss Charm
        *Eschew Materials
        *Greater Intelligence
        *Greater Intelligence
        Heroic Durability
        *Improved Critical: Bludgeoning Weapons
        *Improved Mental Toughness
        Inscribe Wizard Scroll
        *Insightful Reflexes
        Light Armor
        Magical Training
        Martial Weapon proficiency:
        *Mental Toughness
        *Mobile Casting
        Past Life:
            Artificer x3(+3 Int base skills, stacking)
            Barbarian x3(+30 HP, Stacking)
            Bard x3(+6 saves vs. Enchantments & Illusions, +3 Bard Song usage)
            Cleric x3(+3 DC Conjuration spells, +3 Turn undead attempts/rest, Turn undead as if +6 levels)
            Druid x3(+3 all ability Score Summoned Creatures, Charmed Minions, and Hirelings)
            Favored Soul x3(+3 Spell Penetration check, +60 Spell points)
            Fighter x3(+3 DC Tactical Feats)
            Monk x3(+3 Damage Rolls)
            Paladin x3(15% more Health when affected by Positive Energy)
            Ranger x3(+6 Damage Ranged Weapons, +6 Elemental Resistances)
            Rogue x3(+6 Saves Vs Traps, +3 Damage when Sneak Attacking)
            Sorcer x3(+3 DC Evocation spells, +60 Spell points)
            Wizard x3(+6 Spell Penetration Checks and DC of Wands you use)
        Simple Weapon Proficiency:
            Heavy Crossbow
            Heavy Mace
            Light Crossbow
            Light Mace
            Throwing Dagger
        Sneak Attack
        *Spell Focus: Evocation
        Trap Sense
        Uncanny Dodge
        Uncanny Dodge (Dodge Bonus)
        Base Stats:(naked 25)        Equipment:    Gems:        Epic Destiny: Total:    Mods:    
        STR    15    +2        +2(17)    +1(3)    -    -    +1(18)    +1(4)    18    +4
        DEX    25(27)    +7(+8)        +10(37)    +5(13)    -    -    +1(38)    +1(14)    38    +14
        CON    19    +4        +6(25)    +3(7)    -    -    +1(26)    +1(8)    26    +8
        INT    33(37)    +11(+13)    +12(49)    +6(19)    -    -    +7(56)    +4(23)    56    +23
        WIS    15    +2        -    -    +2(17)    +1(3)    +1(18)    +1(4)    18    +4
        CHA    15    +2        +1(16)    +1(3)    -    -    +1(17)    +0(3)    15    +2
    (The next section is comprimized of more complex Derived info. Assume inaccurate. Much of this IS partial. So it may be a minimum of information. 
    May be different than stated in end. Any help appreciated. Should ultimately include any other information that can be derived and is not listed elsewhere in this post.
    Including information not yet included in this section!)
        HP    390?                                        
        SP    1950?    +10%                                2145?
        FS        +9        +3(12)    +7(19)    +2(21)    -    +1(22)    -    +22
        RS        +21        +6(27)    +7(34)    +3(37)    -    +15(52)    -    +52
        WS        +12        -    +7(19)    +3(22)    -    -    -    +22
        BAB    11/11/16/21    +12(regular)    +1(Sneak)    +7-8(flank)            31/31/26/51 - 32/32/27/52
        DC    10(base)    +23(Int)    +1-8(Spell Level)    +4(evo)    +3(conj)    +34-42(+38-46Evo)(37-45Conj)
        AC    10    +14                                    60(64 Tumbling)(This includes 7 from protection +7) 
        Dodge                                            12%
        Miss                                            32.5%(55.5% with Displacement)    
        Lightning:        +205sp    +20%crit    +165%mod    +2SPen
        Negative:        +105sp    +12%crit    +50%mod        +2SPen
        Other:            +15sp    -        -        +2SPen
    ---End of section.
        Name        Base                            Items        Gems        Epic Destiny:        Total:
                Skill    StatMod    (misc)        Base            Bonus    StatMod    Gem(mod)    direct    StatMod
        Bal(Dex)    +23    +8    +9        +40            +20(60)    +5(65)    +2(67)        -    +1(68)        +68
        Blu(Cha)    +0    +2    +7        +9            +25(34)    +1(35)    +2(37)        -    -        +37
        Dip(Cha)    +0    +2    +7        +9            +20(29)    +1(30)    +2(32)        -    -        +32
        Dis(Int)    +23    +13    +12        +48            +20(68)    +6(74)    +2(76)        +6(82)    +4(86)        +86
        Hag(Cha)    +0    +2    +7        +9            -    +1(10)    +2(12)        -    -        +12
        Hid(Dex)    +4    +8    +9        +21            +25(46)    +5(51)    +2(53)        +6(59)    +1(60)        +60
        Int(Cha)    +0    +2    +7        +9            -    +1(10)    +2(12)        -    -        +12
        Jum(Str)    +10    +2    +9        +21            +15(36)    +1(37)    +2(39)        -    +1(40)        +40
        Lis(Wis)    +4    +2    +9        +15            -    -    +3(18)        -    +1(19)        +19
        Mov(Dex)    +4    +8    +9        +21            +25(46)    +5(51)    +2(53)        +6(59)    +1(60)        +60
        Ope(Dex)    +23    +8    +9        +40            +20(60)    +5(65)    +2(67)        +6(73)    +1(74)        +74
        Rep(Int)    +0    +13    +10        +23            -    +6(29)    +2(31)        -    +4(35)        +35
        Sea(Int)    +23    +13    +12        +48            +20(68)    +6(74)    +2(76)        +6(82)    +4(86)        +86
        Spo(Wis)    +23    +2    +9        +34            +20(54)    -    +3(57)        +6(63)    +1(64)        +64
        Swi(Str)    +4    +2    +9        +15            -    +1(16)    +2(18)        -    +1(19)        +19
        Tum(Dex)    +18    +8    +9        +35            +15(50)    +5(55)    +2(57)        -    +1(58)        +58
        Use(Cha)    +4    +2    +10        +16            -    +1(17)    +2(19)        -    -        +19
        Con(Con)    +20    +4    +7        +31            -    +3(34)    +2(36)        -    +1(37)        +37
        Hea(Wis)    +0    +2    +7        +9            -    -    +3(12)        -    +1(13)        +13
    Equipment bonuses:
            Call Lightning Storm(CL20,3/day)(84sec duration)
            Jump(CL15,3/day) (15 minutes, +30 enhancement)
        Spell stats:    
            Nulification +90 (Equipment Bonus Negative(Necrotic) Spell Power)
            Magnetism +90 (Equipment Bonus Electricty Spell Power)
            Superior Void Lore (+12% Negative Spells Chance to Critical Hit, and +0.50x Crit Multiplier)
            Superior Lighting Lore (+12% Lightning Spells Chance to Critical Hit, and +0.50x Crit Multiplier)
            Arcane Casting Dexterity(-10% ASF)
            Blurry (20% miss Chance from Concealment)
            Cloudburst (hit Chance Trigger Cloudburst, Striking with lightning and dealing Sonic Damage to surrounding enemies through powerful Thunderclap)
            Damage Reduction 10/good ( -Physical Damage by 10 except from good alligned weapons)
            Deathblock(immune to all death Spells and magical death effects.)
            Demonic Might(+2Str(Profane))
            Diversion 20%(-20% Threat Melee Damage)
            Dodge Bonus 3%(insight)
            Enhancement bonus +6 AC
            Enhancement +8 (attack and damage)
            Exceptional Seaker +5 (+5 Insight Bonus to confirm Critical Hit, Critical Hit Damage(Before Multipliers)
            Feather Falling 
            Feat: Mobility (+2 Maximum Dex Bonus, +4 AC while Tumbling, +2% Dodge Bonus(?))
            Freedom of Movement (move and attack normally while under influence of magical impedences to movement such as paralysis, solid fog, slow and web.)
            Ghostly (Partially Icorpreal, -miss chance against Incropreal, Enemy Attacks: 10% Miss chance(Concealment) Hide and Move Silently +5 Enhancement Bonus)(x2)
            Improved Deception(+5 Enhancement Bonus Bluff Checks, Chance to Envelop Target in Darkness making them vulnerable to Sneak attacks)
            Invisibility Guard (+Chance grant Temporary Invisibility When hit. Not be removed when attacking or taking damage. Wears off after 10 seconds.)
            Incredible Potential (Choose Bonus from list)
            Lesser Displacment(25% miss chance from concealment)
            Lightning Strike(On-Being-Hit 1.5% chance to strike with Lightning. 20d20+400 damage (610 average strike, 9.15 average hit))
            Melee Alacrity 10% (10% melee speed Enhancement bonus)
            Nightmare guard (Chance to apply Mind Thrust effect when hit(deals 5 to 40 Force Damage, Will vs. Enhancement Negates) May also expose to greatest fear acting as Phantasmal Killer spell)
            Planar conflux
            Planar Focus: Erudition (Spell Penetration IX, +250 Spell points Enhancement bonus, +15 Universal Spell Power Psionic Bonus)
            Resistance +7 (+7 resistance bonus on all Saving Throws)
            Rough Hide +3 (+3 Natural Armor primal Bonus)epic destiny planner
            Seeker +10(+10 Enhancement Bonus Confirm Critical hits, Critical hit Damage(Before Multipliers))
            Striding +30 (Bonus to run speed)
            Supreme Good (3-18(3d6) damage to non good targets.Only weilded by good-aligned)
            Tendon Slice 10%, or Stun10%, etc(undecided) (10% Chance to Hamstring target for each attack that does Damage)
            Theif Acrobat(set)(+15 Jump competence bonus, %Chance to Unbalance opponent, causing -2 AC)
            Toughness(+20 HP Stacks with all other bonuses except other toughtness)
            True Seeing (Notice Secret Doors Hidden by magic, See exact location of Blurr/Displacement effects, See invisible creatures normally)
            weapon dice multiplier +0.5
        Charged Spellcasting V
        Deadly Shocks V
        Human Adaptability Intelligence I
        Human Greater Adaptability Dexterity I
        Improved Balance II
        Improved Disable Device II
        Improved Hide II
        Improved Jump II
        Improved Listen II
        Improved Move Silently II
        Improved Open Lock II
        Improved Search II
        Improved Spot II
        Improved Swim II
        Improved Tumble II
        Racial Toughness I
        Rogue Dexterity I
        Rogue Faster Sneaking I
        Rogue Improved Trap Sense II
        Rogue Item Defense I
        Rogue Sneak Attack Accuracy I
        Rogue Sneak Attack Training II
        Rogue Subtle Backstabbing I
        Storm Manipulation VII
        Wizard Intelligence III
        Wizard Subtle Spellcasting IV
    Spell List:
        *Definite(unless absolutely needed otherwise)
         Others I may switch in and out
        *    Obscuring Mist
        *    Schocking Grasp
        *    Chill Touch
        *    Merfolks Blessing
            Ray of Enfeeblement or
        *    Fog Cloud
        *    Touch of Idiocy
        *    Electric Loop
        *    Gust of Wind
        *    Invisibility
        *    Sleet Storm
        *    Lightning Bolt
        *    Displacement
            Ray of Exhaustion
            Water Breathing
        *    Solid Fog
            Crushing Despair
            Phantasmal Killer
        *    Death Aura
        *    Enervation
        *    Negative Energy Burst
        *    Dismissal
        *    Teleport
            Mind Fog
        *    Ball Lightning
        *    Cyclone Blast
        *    Eldar's Electric Surge
            Waves of Fatigue
        *    Greater Heroism
        *    Chain Lightning
        *    Necrotic Ray
            Greater Dispell Magic
            Globe of Invulnerability
        *    Banishment
        *    Greater Teleport
            Invisibility, Mass
            Finger of Death
            Waves of Exhaustion
        *    Trap Soul
        *    Sunburst
        *    Horrid Wilting
    Tomes Used
        +1 Tome of Strength used at level 3
        +1 Tome of Dexterity used at level 3
        +1 Tome of Constitution used at level 3
        +1 Tome of Intelligence used at level 3
        +1 Tome of Wisdom used at level 3
        +1 Tome of Charisma used at level 3
        +2 Tome of Strength used at level 7
        +2 Tome of Dexterity used at level 7
        +2 Tome of Constitution used at level 7
        +2 Tome of Intelligence used at level 7
        +2 Tome of Wisdom used at level 7
        +2 Tome of Charisma used at level 7
        +3 Tome of Strength used at level 11
        +3 Tome of Dexterity used at level 11
        +3 Tome of Constitution used at level 11
        +3 Tome of Intelligence used at level 11
        +3 Tome of Wisdom used at level 11
        +3 Tome of Charisma used at level 11
        +4 Tome of Strength used at level 15
        +4 Tome of Dexterity used at level 15
        +4 Tome of Constitution used at level 15
        +4 Tome of Intelligence used at level 15
        +4 Tome of Wisdom used at level 15
        +4 Tome of Charisma used at level 15
        +5 Tome of Strength used at level 19
        +5 Tome of Dexterity used at level 19
        +5 Tome of Constitution used at level 19
        +5 Tome of Intelligence used at level 19
        +5 Tome of Wisdom used at level 19
        +5 Tome of Charisma used at level 19
    Epic Destiny:
        Shadow Dancer:
            Shadow Training 1:
                +1 Sneak Die for Each level of Shadowdancer
            Shadow Training 2: 
                (Activate) (lv1)(CD: 5mins)Temporary Full movement and jump whole stealthed for 30 seconds
            Shadow Training 3:
                (Activate) (lv2)(CD: 2secs)Toggle: Generate 20% less Melee and Ranged threat.
            Shadow Training 4:
                (Activate) (lv3)(CD: 1min) Use Shadow Walk up to 5/rest using weapons that qualify for weapon finesse, you gain 3% Profane Bonus to your chance to doublestrike.
            Shadow Training 5:
                (Activate) (lv4)(cd: 1min) Use Dimension Door 5/rest. CD for Shadow Training 2 -2 minutes
            Dark Elusion
                (lv5) Evasion. When you roll natural 20 (melee, ranged) envoloope target in shadow, granting 5% vulnerability to physical damage and removing it's immunity to sneak attack for a short duration, if applicable.    
            Dexterity or Intelligence: +6 Int
            Tier 0
                Stealthy (3) +6 hide and move silent. +6 assassinate DC. You gain Hide in plain sight.
            -    Acrobatic(3)(*) +6 Balance, Jump and Tumble and +9 to reflex while Tumbling
                Technician(3) +6 Search, Spot, Disable Device, open lock and flanking bonus to attack
            Tier 1
            *    Lithe(3)(*)(+6 reflex, AC and light armor dex Max Dex bonus)
                Skill Mastery(1) +1 All skills(stacking)
            Tier 4
                Sealed Soul(1) Immunity to Drain Energy
        Twist of Fate:
            Fast Healing (You heal 6D20HP each minute using Postiive energy)
            Draconic Spell Augmentation(Passive Bonus: Adds special effect to spells of your heritage. Electric spells have a [5/10/15]% chance to reduce enemies' Reflex save by 10 for [10/20/30] seconds)
            *Endless Blessing(Spell point pool increase by 10%. Echoe of Power restore up to 30 SP.)(Replace Draconic Spell Augmentation with this)
            Unearthly Reaction (+3Ddoge, +6Reflex. When you tumble you will phase out from reality briefly, passing through enemies as you do so.)
    *    Epic Darkstorm Helm: Call Lightning Storm(Cl20,3/day) Nulification +90, Magnatism,+90, Superior Void Lore, Superior Lightning Lore, GAS
    *    Epic Golden Guile: Ghostly, Diplomacy +20, Bluff +20, Improved Deception, Charisma +1(exceptional), YAS
    *    Planar Focus of the Erudition: One of the following:(Charisma +8,INsightful Char +8, Int +8, Ins Int +3, Wis +8, Ins Wis +3), (Spell Penetration IX, +250 Spell points Enhancement bonus, +15 Universal Spell Power Psionic Bonus)
    *    Cloak of the Night: Invisibility Guard, Ghostly, Deathblock, Nightmare guard, Dodge 3%, DR 10/good
    *    Morah's Belt: Jump(CL15,3/day), constitution +6(enha), Tumble +15, theif Acrobat(set)
    *    Ring of Shadow: Hide +20, Move Silently +20, Lesser Displacment, Ghostly, YAS
    *    Morah's Band: dexterity +6, Exceptoinal Dexterity +1, Thief acrobat(set), Incredible Potential
    *    Nether Grasps: Arcane Casting Dexterity, Open lock +20, Diversion 20%, Seeker +10, Demonic Might
    *    Surefooted Boots: Balance +20, Striding +30, Feat: mobility, GAS
        Halcyon Boot: Halcyon Mind, Dexterity +8, Striding +30, Potency +80, YAS, CAS
    *    Bracers of Twisting Shade: +20 DD, +20Search, Exceptional Seaker +5, Blurry, Resistance +7
    *    Hide Of Goristro: +6 enhancement bonus, +3 Dexterity Insight, Toughness, Rough Hide +3, Melee Alacrity 10%, (Vertigo +10(one of..))(Tendon mod!)
    *    Intricate Field Optics: Spot +20, True Seeing, +8 Intelligence(enh) or +3Int(insi), YAS, GAS
    *    Sireth, Spear of the Sky: +8 Enhancement, Supreme Good, Lightning Strike, Cloudburst, Freedom of Movement, Feather Falling, Planar conflux, +0.5 weapon dice multiplier, RAS
                    +1 Charisma(exceptional)
                    +6 Constitution(enha)
                    +6 Dexterity(enha)
                    +3 Dexterity(Insight)
                    +1 Dexterity(Exceptional)
                    +8 Intelligence(enh)
        Skills:    (Competency)        (Enhancement)    Epic Destiny    Total:
            +20 Balance                         +20
            +20 Bluff        +5                +25
            +20 Diplomacy*                        +20
            +20 Disable Device*            +6        +26
            +20 Hide        +5        +6        +31
            +15 Jump                        +15
            +20 Move Silently     +5        +6        +31
            +20 Open lock*                 +6        +26
            +20 Search*                +6        +26
            +20 Spot                 +6        +26
            +15 Tumble                        +15
            +1 all stats Stacking
            +6 Int
    Augment slots:    
            GAS: 3 (BAS,YAS,CAS)
            YAS: 3 (YAS,CAS)
            RAS: 1 (RAS,CAS)
            Incredible Potential
            -    Natural Armor Bonus +1-7
            *    Protection(deflection bonsus) +1-7
            -    Resistance bonus to Saves +1-7
            -    Physical Resistance Rating +2-7
            *    Fortificatoin: Light to Heavy
            -    Hit Point:(False Life) +5-35
            *    Good Luck +1-2
            -    Armor Max Dex Bonus +1-2
            -    ASF Reduction: 5%/10%/15%
            -    Elemental Damage: +1 - 1d10
            -    Equipment Bonus to spell power +30-114
            -    Bypass Material Based DR
            -    Bypase Alignment Base DR            
            -    Elemental REsistance +5 - +35
            -    Spell Points: power1(10sp) - Archmagi(200sp)
            -    Move Speed: Striding 5% - 30%
            -    Feather Falling
            *    Underwater Action
            -    Proof Against Disease
            -    Poison: +2 - +10
            *    Blindness Immunity
            *    Fear Immunity(ML8)
            -    DeathBlock(ML12)
            -    Spell Focus
            -    Greater Spell Focus
                Enhancement Bonus Ability +1-7
            -    Exceptional bonus ability +1
            -    Insight Bonus Ability +2
    [size=1]Of the BAS options I think I will take +7 protection, Heavy Fortification, and +2 luck!
    YAS probably Immune to Blind, Fear, And underwater action.
    Incredible Potential. Haven't figured this out yet! I could make no heads or tails how this worked from the wiki. Not enough info on why everything has a different element even when it is the same mod or why.
    Might pick a + wisdom to make up for my missing stat from the CAS or +damage but I don't know yet. Have to learn how it works properly. I would imagine the wisdom though. I need it to even out my save bonuses.

    I still have an open RAS!

    Any suggestions, critiques? Anything lacking? Anything good or interesting about it?! 8)

    Edit: I keep trying to edit the post to make it fit this forum but it keeps making me relog in when I try to look at it with preview to refresh my changes. So I can't format it better than this. If you want to see the stats. Highlight waht is in the code and sorry for the misalignment of the code. This forum is extremely unfreindly to editing. I seem to only get a short time before mandatory relogins....
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    Can't tell if you're serious, trolling, or just new... I'll assume you're new.

    I know you save time just exporting a text file over instead of typing it out, but laying out all this information does a lot more harm than good. The granted(or nonintegral) feats, like defensive fighting and weapon proficiencies in this case, don't need to be listed. The main enhancements you can list, but don't go through everything individually. The various effects of feats, equipment, etc don't need to be explained either. The way everything is added just doesn't make sense(or I, and maybe others, don't want to decipher what's going on.) Just stick with the main points of what you want and the stats you think are pertinent or part of your goals for your build. Doesn't serve you to scare people who would be willing to help you otherwise.

    It's nice to plan fantasy-land triple completionist and +5 tomes across the board, but that won't happen to the 99.999999999999999345357899999999998% of us. For a character you are going to make, plan for +5 main stats tomes(int in this case) and +4 tomes for other stats.

    Going 18wiz/2rog will be much better than 16/4. 18wiz gets you Pale Master 3 and Lich form, spell pen, higher dcs, and more high level spells. 2 more rog gets you barely anything relevant for a wiz.

    I assume the blue highlighted feats are the picked ones? I'd make suggestions but I doubt you actually have a character with triple completionist and +5 tomes, otherwise you wouldn't need to post here and post here with a flawed breakdown. Let us know where you are, if you're not trolling, that is.

    Some feats to think about:
    Spell Focus and Greater Spell Focus - Probably necromancy for Pale Master prestige enhancements.
    Spell Penetration and Greater/Epic - Very useful, but if you have 3 wiz and 3 fvs past lives not necessary.
    Toughness - Prereq for Pale Master and more hp is usually good.
    Heighten - Higher dcs for the lower level spells, very powerful feat for DC casting.
    Maximize - Higher damage for elemental damage spells. Good for dpsing a boss or aoeing mobs. For most of heroic levels you'll be mainly using aoe elemental damage spells.
    Empower - See Maximize, though not as good as it.
    Quicken - Speeds spells up and makes them unintteruptable. You'll want this just for the quickened spellcasting, but even more for the harder content.

    Other options like Extend, Enlarge, and Mental Toughnesses can be useful. Check on for explanations.

    Also, Insightful Reflexes is either/or so dex won't up reflex. Max out con and put the rest in cha(umd) or str(carrying capacity/low lvl meleeing).
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