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I applaud the effort, but the implementation is just messy.

You say that you're making a corporate donation that has nothing to do with how many ribbons are sold vs given for free, meaning that the 100TP that people spend goes right into the Turbine coffers.

You say you can't sell it for 1 TP. You can't put the code into the description. It's like you want people to spend 100 TP on this so Turbine can make money off of this effort, which I do not agree with. All proceeds from this should go directly to the charity and not to Turbine. If you can't legally do that, remove the ribbons from the store so people are not fooled into thinking that perhaps their 100 TP is a donation in some way.

If you cannot legally find a way to get that spent TP into the 1 fund, then why not just give every toon a ribbon for free like what was done with the birthday cakes? Surely you have the tech to do that if you can't give it away in the store.

This situation, which should have been something respectable has turned into another money making machine. Whether it was intended or not, that is what it looks like to me and it's sickening.
They certainly can just say "We will donate <X> dollars for each ribbon sold in the store".

Someone could just say it right now and make it so.

They could say "Sorry it wasn't more clear but that was our intention all along".

I would gladly suspend disbelief right now and stand and cheer the effort.

Please do so.