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    Default 13's trade thread

    All the cool kids seem to have their trade thread on the forums, so I figured I'd do it too.

    I'm looking for:
    +3 Int ee helm of the blue dragon.
    Omniscience ring with a slot.
    2 x Draconic Soul Gem.

    I'm not really looking for, but I can accept these as currencies:
    Bulk Plat
    +4 Tomes
    Otto's Boxes
    Globes of true imperial blood
    raid timer bypasses

    13's trade junk.
    All of the stuff here's unbound, so no ASAH usage will be necessary in order to trade.

    ee GH junk
    Kardin's Eye
    Kardin's Eye
    Manacles of ceasless toil
    Ring of stormreaver prophecy
    Gloves of Forgotten craft
    Bulwark of the storm's fist
    Chill of Winter
    The Turmoil Within
    Tortured Livewood Bow
    Greataxe of the Chained Soldier
    Helm of the Blue Dragon (+3 Wis) [better come with an ee blue helm with +3 int if you want this]
    Helm of the Black Dragon (+3 Str) [better come with an ee blue helm with +3 int if you want this]
    Helm of the White Dragon (+8 Con)
    Giantcraft Siberys Compass
    Daggertooth's Belt
    Bronze Ignot Arcanum

    eh GH junk
    copper ingot arcanum

    en GH junk
    Backstabber's Gloves

    Stuff found in Eveningstar
    ee Bracers of Twisting Shade
    ee Shadowmail(corrosion)
    ee Wizard's Orb (Combustion)
    ee swailing blade
    stone heart (8 con)
    Spider-spun Caparison (3 dex)
    Spider-spun Caparison (8 dex)
    Terrorweb Chitin Breastplate (3str)
    +6 Drow Warhammer of the Weapon Master (ex. combat mastery 5)
    Seal of House Dun'Robar(7 str, ex. combat mastery 5)
    Holy Symbol of Lolth
    Planar Focus of Prowess (3 str)

    spell absorption:
    +8 frozen robe of Spell Proofing (5 charges)
    +9 sonic guard outfit of Spell Proofing (5 charges)
    +8 Deathblock robe of Superior warding (3 charges)
    +8 Deathblock robe of Spell Proofing (5 charges)
    +6 Deathblock quorforged Docent of Spell Proofing (5 charges)
    +2 convalescent Celestial Chainmail of spell proofing (5 charges) [this one's a light armor, so usefulness is limited]

    mildly interesting spellpower weapons from random loot gen:
    +5 Corrosion(120) Scepter of Evocation mastery(+3) with a colorless slot.
    +6 Reconstruction(120) Longsword of enchantment mastery(+3)
    +6 Reconstruction(120) Quarterstaff of enchantment mastery(+3) [this one's a 2-hander, so usefulness is limited]
    +6 magnetism(120) Scepter of Cold Mastery(efficient maximize II)
    +5 Magnetism(120) Quarterstaff of Electric Mastery(efficient maximize II) with a colorless slot [this ont's a 2-hander, so usefulness is limited]
    +6 Combustion(120) Scepter of Fire Mastery(efficient maximize II)
    +6 Devotion(120) Dagger of Necromantic mastery(+3) [reserved for ridero]

    Other Random trash:
    +7 STR bracers of superior parrying with a colorless slot.
    +7 Cha helm of Omniscience

    augment crystals
    30 striding (3 copies)
    +2 ins. constitution

    +4 tomes

    +3 tomes:
    Cha (3 copies)
    Int (2 copies)
    Con (2 copies)
    Str (3 copies)
    Dex (1 copy)


    I can be contacted in game on Feira/Shrtguy/Hjeelmee/Iioi/Kesib/Eisiishai or on this thread. Probably faster to contact me in game, though.

    I like to know know who I'm trading with. I won't do deals with obvious mule characters or forum sockpuppets.
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    Lehmu/Lehmuska/Kanttura/13 here.

    Since the forums are what they are, I'm unable to access the forum handle Kanttura. In case anyone sent me a PM and didn't get a reply, feel free to send it again to this one. Better yet, don't risk forums acting up again and just send the pm through in-game mail to Feira or Shrtguy.

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