First post ever (yay!) on these forums, so apologies in advance if I put this in the wrong section (I wanted to use the Bug Report section, but that seems to be only for within the games).

So I'm liking the game, and liking the forums as well, but there's a problem with links to the forums, in that they point to a URL that the forums have decided not to recognize anymore. Bear in mind, I mean links from other forum posts, from Google, and from everywhere else I've seen. The posts are still accessible, just that way the links point are broken now. Take for instance, a Bard building giude I was looking at a while back, "The Diva's Bard Love Guide". When I click on the link from Google, it tries to send me to:

This results in a forum 404. However, this happens to ALL links, because they all have that same link, minus the number, being: plus the numbers that seem to be the post ID. If this gets changed to with the numbers directly afterwards, you get the proper post. In other words the previous link gets chaged to:

After copying that into the URL bar, you can now see the post. This goes for all "broken" links I've found. Copy "" previously, search for whatever you want (or follow a link), get to the 404, highlight everything in the URL bar EXCEPT the numbers at the end after the "=", and hit CTRL+V to paste. Boom. Link fixed.

So here's my question: Why aren't the forums recognizing posts that are obviously still working? In other words, why aren't the forums properly redirecting links?