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    Default Some EE soloing - pure kensei

    Not sure if this is even achievement-worthy due to these being some of the easiest EEs in the game, but I had fun doing it. More to come Soon (TM), hopefully.

    Deal and the Demon

    Took me a bunch of tries due to casters holding me at bad points, lagspiking on the hezrou, forgetting dw/gh in a few instances... made a bit harder due to the fact I didn't have a reliable stunning blow DC. As it can be seen in the pic, I lost my blitz halfway thru the quest due to falling down the web, which made everything after the hezrou take that much longer. Completion time was around 20-30 mins, mostly spent in the end fight - I forgot to take note of buffs starting ><

    I also found out Unstoppable is completely useless.

    Bargain of Blood

    This one was fun. Enemies were easy-ish to stun, and end bosses only had about 130k hp total. Took about 10 minutes.

    Impossible demands

    Was really easy. Furyshot took care of the priestess in the 2 instances, adrenaline knockdown + stunning blow neutralized most of the trash.
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