Hitting on what I considered a good form of testing the accessibility of the new enhancement system, I threw my mother at the problem. She knows nothing about DDO or MMOs in general. I made a L7 character (a paladin, based on asking her what sort of character she thought she'd like) on Khyber, and an identical one on Lamannia. Then, in each case, I told her to put enhancements on the character.

Live: This was complete carnage. She picked enhancements pretty intelligently, for the most part. But still, at the end of assigning 24 AP into enhancements, she hadn't unlocked any of the prestige enhancements. She didn't know what she needed to take to build towards them, and she didn't know how to check. She didn't like having to scroll down to see what else there was - and then realising she had to scroll back up again to see what new enhancements were available now that she had spent X amount of AP. It's an unwieldy system and it's very unfriendly to the new player - that much is certain.

Alpha: I'm not going to pretend this was perfect. As a complete newb, she still didn't know what enhancements were worth anything, and she spread points around in the first tiers of all three trees open to her (Human, Knight of the Chalice, Sacred Defender). Nevertheless, it was a much smoother process, she didn't look half so confused, and she eventually redistributed everything so that the Knight of the Chalice tree was relatively well developed, and she had +2d6 damage vs. her chosen foe. She liked being able to see everything in one screen, and that it was obvious that once you spend a certain amount of AP in a particular tree, you unlock new enhancements - as opposed to (on Live) enhancements just appearing in the list of available choices for what looks like no reason.

I'm going to give more comprehensive feedback on the new system at some point, but I just wanted to say that if the goal for the enhancement pass is to make the enhancement system more accessible and user-friendly, it's definitely on the right path.

PS: Yes, I get that the new system is very far from perfect; I've just been trying to do something with a melee FvS.