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all I can say is thanks for ruining my pallies.

my 2 hander lost a bunch of hp because he now needs a shield to have lots of health. STUPID!

my s&b is all f''ed up. did you know that every time you switch weapons you lose the bonus to hp and con that you gain from a shield.
oh and it stacks. meaning each time you switch weapons it lowers your current hp. eventually causing death. I was killing myself for hours the other day in the harbor just to show off my new awesome powers. btw its a lvl 25 with 1100 hp. I can kill myself in about 30 sec from full health. by switching weapons fast.

I sent a ticket. they tell me its wai.

this is by far the stupidest fuking thing ive ever seen in a game.
editing post can apparently not be done....so, sorry for the double post.