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...since when you had an issue of to-hit lately? So the argument of + to attack is rather mehh.

That you not need high CHA anymore is probably the reason at all behind this, freeing up the short stat distribution on Paladins. I don't even argue about the point of not needing high CHA, its all fine and dandy. But the insight bonus and the fact that 2AP for increasing the duration is anything but cheap. Further the intention of the Enhancement pass was to make it more clear and straight forward. While not ideal neither the old +1 to damage is actually far more straight forward then 'Insight bonus to STR equal to CHA modifier'.

Last but not least it's a trap, because you not need high CHA anymore to qualify for it, but as to get a positive result you really invest into CHA. Dunno, as said, I am on the fence with it...
paladins always needed, need, and will need charisma, its modifier is used for everything from layons, through smites, to saves, so yea its a trap, but i would call it a fat lie more or less too. im pretty sure that the reasoning of devs is based on the SPLASHES, they fear that it will be possible to create overpowered splashes, i posted the idea to fix it here at least 2 times already, wont repeat myself, there are easy ways to make sure splashes wont be overpowrered through exploiting that. as for the both trees themselves, THEY ARE LAZY.... still lazy, the biggest work that was put into the paladin prestiges was done recently and it was ICONS. sad isint it?]

paladin is my favorite class, and ddo was always hard on that class, due to BS idea from ebberon campagin to allow it to be splashed in, so we see sorcs and other weird splashes of paladin just to exploit the best things this class has to offer, I seriously would like to see tubine FIX THAT, and then be amazed how many problems it would fix.

.... whole defender tree is a joke, a bad joke, the kind that makes you want to slap someone over the back of the head for it, but kotc is not far behind, if devs wanted for those trees to be easy to use, well they have their success..... splashes willl LOVE those, as they will be AGAIN the only ones benefiting from them.