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    Default Unofficial Unyielding Sentinel Feedback Thread

    I haven't finished writing out my comments yet but I figured since people obviously have things to say about Sentinel and Angel I'd create a place for them to talk about it so the divine crusader thread can stay on topic...I'll edit this later with mi thought on US but please discuss away
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    well then, here is some of my thoughts on what should/could be done with sentinel.

    base idea is that most of destinies are based around utility and attack, sentinel is the only one haveing so much focus for defense.
    so i think that some things should be reworked in it to make it closer to other destinies while still keeping that defense, since anyone who will choose that destiny will want it anyway.


    1. intolerant blows, it got changed and maybe it is bit better, but 200% hate is too low especialy with all other destinies that are doing thousands of damage!!!! monkcher? one starts shooting and its all over for tanks aggro in second. current 1k hate bonus at least has a use for such situations, where massive hate bonus is needed instantly, so its not like this variant is without uses.

    lower bonus but on longer period of time may be useful IF tank is allowed time to build up hate BEFORE group starts to pound on enemys hide. so i dont know if thats the best change ever, i think it should at least be +500% and as someone was stateing in other thread some other bonuses should apply like double strike bonus and maybe shield bash bonus too.

    2. confront any foe, in current version its laughable, attacked doing 100 light damage at its BEST, so regular damage will be around 50, not very epic..... dont know anyone who even thought about considering to ponder to take it. its that bad.

    at least it should be reworked into something similar to momentum swing, so +3w, maybe 4w, 10d10 on regular non crit hit, 10d50 on crit. maybe it too should require cleave, with smite being a alternative secondary way to resetting it like with momentum swing. it could also have a 33% chance on any use to give 1 smite charge back. and please..... no more baseing it off turns....

    3. fanaticism, this one is weird, it gives smtite to non paladins who are unable to whip out of it enough damage to matter becouse of that reason, so whats the point? so here is an idea make it into something that those with actual paladin levels will have use of, like EPIC smite.

    idk how to go around it to tell truth, but maybe something like +2w, paladin lvl 2x and requirement of HAVEING smite feat... and not giveing it for free to anyone. you dont give cleave with momentum swing so why this would give a unique feat. same goes for turns and layons, they just dont work without paladin levels and giveing them out to anyone as an enchancement is a middle finger to all pallies in game, like allowing to multiclass a class that is not supposed to be multiclassed is not bad enough.........

    4. vigor of battle stance, i always seen it as assault stance, with both other being defence stances, so i think that they should get some work over too.

    vigor of battle, i seen something in other game that would fit in just nicely for that, a stacking damage bonus, that grows the longer fight lasts. maybe?
    unbreakable, a defence stance against MANY enemies, maybe something that would disallow too many hits at once or something that would allow to better work with crowds, currently any tank being in crowd of angry enemies gets hit way too often, no matter miss chance bonuses ac or otherwise, so maybe something like that would allow to go between those stances based on situation.
    stand against the tide. this on being as it is and focusing on tanking one big enemy. like for boss fights.

    5. hardened, this one could safely go away and get merged with cores, +2 ac per core, its too high to be a twist, and its a thing that anyone building a tank will want to take anyway, so why not free those points and allow for some more utility to be taken.

    6. annoint weapon, please remove stance requirement from it too, OR at least make it require ANY of 3 stances.

    7. an idea, unnamed enchancement, enchancement that based off save value has a % chance to reroll any failed save (50 in will save = 50% chance to reroll any failed will save)
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