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    Default Atomic's trade list, updated daily

    Everything EE unless otherwise stated

    *new Globe of true imperial blood (6550 TP obo)

    Dragon Helms:
    Black +3 dex
    Black +8 dex
    *new* Blue +3 wis
    White +3 str
    White +3 con
    White +3 dex

    GH Tor:
    Allegiance (4)
    Belt of seven ideals (2)
    Bronze Ingot Arcanum
    Silver Ingot Arcanum
    Bulwark of the storm's fist (2)
    Gloves of Forgotten Craft (4)
    Greataxe Chained Soldier (3)
    Hammer of Leaden Clouds (3)
    Stormreaver prophecies (2)
    Skyvault (2)
    Tortured livewood bow (2)
    Arcing Sky
    Chill of winter
    Turmoil within

    GH Flagging quests:
    Ancient Band
    Spiked boots
    Axe of adaxus

    GH walkups:
    Mountain's fist (3)
    Ghost walking cloak
    Quiver of Poison

    7 wis avithoul
    Drow Piwafwi
    Embrace of the Spider Queen
    Erudition cha +8
    Prowess str +8 (2)
    Prowess dex +8
    Prowess dex +3
    Prowess str +3
    Subterfuge +8 int
    Wizard's ward (combustion)

    Wisdom +4 tome (2)
    *new* Con +4 tome
    Cloak of ice (old clickie version)
    +6 resonance/+3 necromancy 1 hander
    Convalescent bracers of superior parrying
    Insightful Str +2 augment
    Any crafted augment
    Any +3 tome

    I'm also willing to farm out (almost) anything for a decent price, just ask.

    I am looking for:
    Globe of imperial blood
    Turbine points
    Otto boxes
    Bulk greensteel

    Contact me in game or PM me
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