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    Default A Tribe Called Zerg

    Note: Re-posting this under a different forum name due to my account not migrating properly and myself actually preferring the name change. I believe that I have fixed the links to direct to the correct posts in the old post.

    A Tribe Called Zerg (referred to as “Zerg” and “ATCZ” in this post) is a guild for everything from endgame raiding to zerging TR’s. We are a relatively small guild consisting of rather ‘close’ members.

    Note: We have stopped using Ventrilo and are now using Mumble. If you need to get the new info please contact us. And, no, I am not going to go through these two posts and change every instance of Ventrilo to Mumble.

    Recruitment Status: Currently looking to expand our active roster – if you are interested it is highly recommended that you read everything here.

    About Us:

    Please note that this is my attempt (with help from guildies) to explain what it is that we do; in reality this is not something that can be entirely explained, but rather must be experienced firsthand.

    General Mentality:

    We are ‘goal oriented’ individuals who attempt to find and maintain a high, if not the highest, level of efficiency while playing. We do have ‘lives’ and understand that real life comes first. Some of us with more limited play time have more incentive to zerg.
    We view most content as trivial and easy, not because we are ‘that awesome’, but because it really is easy. Having the perfect party and a full group are not mandatory; the game is easier than many of its genre.
    We do not believe in the ‘perfect party’; sitting around for a bard for von6 is no fun and finding ‘tanks’ isn’t either – our response is to adapt: remove the bard from the equation and/or make characters that fill multiple roles (in this example: with tanking as a primary or secondary focus).
    We have a strong dislike of drama and do not have real loot rules.


    This is something that is apparently not well understood by the majority of the server. We feel that by drawing attention to this point, in particular, we could significantly increase the number of “Pugs” that enter our groups.
    Our play-style incorporates ‘multi-role’ functions and self sufficiency with speed.Self sufficiency is stressed in all situations; just because there are eight Favored Souls in the party does not mean that you will get healed. Emphasis is put on speed when leveling as well as when running raids (though, admittedly, less so in raids).

    The majority of us play casters (FvS/Cleric/Sorc/Wiz/Arti) and as such are required to watch our SP expenditure as well as our SP regeneration. As such, we try to incorporate ‘passive torcing’ into everything we do; we will usually have those classes tank trash and bosses. We like trash mobs that use melee and ranged attacks. We do not like to kill these mobs. A player does more damage to our group than any monster in the game when they come into our group and begin to: kill non-caster mobs, cast CC, or blur/displace others.
    We do not enjoy, or even want to, micromanaging people; we would prefer to let them play how they want – so long as their playstyle does not have a negative impact on ours. We would like it if more people understood the flow of gameplay in the manner that we conduct it. Frequently, we let random people in our groups, give no instructions, and just do that quest leaving everyone welcome to do what they want. Some people prefer this and find it liberating; they get to have their first experiences with raids be one of action and intrigue instead of one of following orders. Other people think we have enormous attitude problems and that we don't care about their feelings because we don't hold their hands.

    Some examples of our play style:

    Overall – Kill caster mobs first – do not ever cast blur or displacement on us. (Cloud spells are included in this).
    eVon6 - People solo islands, do not attempt to "help" them and attack the djinn. This makes it impossible to accurately prep a djinn. Wait, at the start, until they are done.
    ToD – Part 1, Do not attack/kill dogs – Part 3, Do not attack/kill orthons
    LoB – Do not kill assassins, do not attack the assassins in any way.
    Master Artificer – Avoid killing cannons unless told to do so. Do not ‘agro and kite’ the green titan.
    Chronoscope – Do not hold, dance, kill, or otherwise incapacitate the trash mobs in the boss fights.
    Specific to melees – try and become more self sufficient (heal scrolls and silver flame pots, healing amp). DDO is not “DPS DPS DPS”, DPS does not matter when you are dead and being self sufficient reduces the likelihood that you will be dead. Get –threat% gear.
    Specific to Paladins and Rangers –Getting a Torc and conc-opp as well as maximize/emp. heal/quicken is highly recommended (silver flame pots and heal scrolls are still recommended as well)

    To recap:

    “Untrained” players negatively affect the group, killing non-caster monsters often negatively affects the group. Melee/ranged monsters and self healing are good and positively affect the group. Crowd control, unwanted blur/displace, and ‘crying’ are bad and have a large negative effect on the group. Drama is extremely bad (read: will not be tolerated).

    Also note that multi-boxing is a fairly common occurrence in our groups; we are quite often “shortman” when we run raids. We do this due to the randomness inherent to pugging and because we do not always feel like investing effort into the repeated explanation of our play style.


    We really don’t have a schedule; we run whatever we (guild) want to run at a specific moment in time. Time zones for members range from GMT-8 to GMT+8.
    We run the majority of the raids on a semi-regular basis (i.e: multiple runs per timer interval); this is a great place to begin joining our groups.
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    A Tribe Called Zerg
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    ATCZ is currently looking to expand its active roster as well as increase the number of non-guild players who regularly run with us.

    ATCZ does not actually have “open” recruiting; you can’t just go out and meet requirements and get an auto-invite. We recruit people who run with us regularly that we feel we ‘know’. Due to this, the ‘application process’ includes making an impression on us as well as getting to know the members (and them getting to know you).

    In other words:
    1) The first part of the application process is to begin regularly grouping with us.
    2) The biggest requirement for joining is having a personality that is favored by the existing guild members – you are the newcomer to an existing “team”.
    3) After you have made an impression on the guild, your application will be considered and feedback [on you] will be gathered – this is essentially a voting procedure that encompasses more than simple “yes/no” answers.

    Baseline Requirements:
    As we are mainly looking for [at least semi-] experienced players; base requirements are as follows: have (or have had) a capped character (ie: you are not ‘fresh off the boat’), be open minded and willing to listen/learn, and have access to a fair amount of Adventure packs (namely the commonly run raids and preferably the higher xp packs).

    We primarily converse with spoken or typed English, it is recommended that you understand / are able to speak it.
    We run the majority of raids in the game on a semi-regular basis (multiple times per “timer interval”) and, as such, it is highly recommended to have access to the majority, if not all, of the Adventure Packs.
    Additionally, multiple characters are recommended due to the frequency that we run raids.
    We recommend that potential applicants ask various members of the Zerg Tribe how the guild has helped them achieve their goals, especially in regards to equipment/loot."
    Have a sense of humor. (specifically the last lines)

    Making an Impression:
    To make an impression on the guild, you will have to spend time in the Ventrilo channel as well as actively grouping with us for us to determine if our personalities and play styles are compatible – exceptions to this exist, but they are the minority. Ventrilo information can be given by any ATCZ member at their own discretion. The amount of time to go from “hanging out with us” to “actively being recruited” varies widely and is dependent on how actively you go about it (ie: if you tend to be quiet and don’t group with us often it will take a while to get a majority who ‘know’ you and are comfortable with you around).

    I cannot stress this point enough: Be yourself, do not be who you think we “want”. That will just lead to conflict and eventually drama.

    This part [getting to know the guild] also benefits applicants. Would you, as an applicant, actually like to join a guild before knowing if you can successfully coexist with members?

    Please send relevant data to Agordmils/Schrodingers (Gordy on the forums) (Relevant data would include: all character names, character types, general play style, self assessment of experience in leveling and in ‘endgame’ raiding/questing, names of any ATCZ members that you (currently or formerly [if any] ) run/ran with regularly…etc)
    If you have not run with us and would like to be considered for regular grouping (and/or eventually a recruitment process):
    If you, currently, run with us regularly and would like to be considered for recruiting:
    If you would like to remain in your current guild but also would like to group with us on a more frequent basis (and/or receive ventrilo information):
    Please contact Agordmils/Schrodingers (Gordy on the forums, other characters used are: Agordmil and BYOH)

    I'm more or less back to semi-regular play and can thus continue getting applications.
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    A Tribe Called Zerg
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    Default Girlmistress

    I am Girlmistress from Cannith
    I am trying to join ATCZ for pretty long
    And I finally got enough exp to join this guild
    I am from Netherlands, 19 years old. I am a nice players
    I have 4 years exp of the game...
    My playstyle= Zergy
    I do accept everone in party
    I love to help people
    I already asked lots of your guildies if I could join, But they were gonna discuss about it... I am still waiting
    Current Guild : Radical Dreamers (dont think I have the same personality as the other Radical Dreamers )
    Toons: Girlmistress/Sormaster

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