We are "Obscura Consilium", level Guild 99 besides the second top guild on the Sarlona's server for level and total accumulated renow.
Till now our recruitment status was close, not recruiting but today we deciding to open the doors for few new friends (4/6 players for now) to make possible and easy to reach the number for a Raid group, Epic Elite quests, etc. and to cover all principal roles in a party inside the guild.

We are all experienced players, we play on DDO since 2009 and we are very selective.

Our guild at the moment is composed by 6 people.

We are looking for : Experienced Players, must have all principal Adventure Packs, Minimum Age 20, End game Players.

This is our time zone : (UTC +1.00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

We have one Stormglory Typhoon (the big ship purchased with the old Astral Diamond) with all the stat shrine +2 and all buffs existing ingame.

If u're interested to join with us in these Eberron's adventure and you believe you have the requirements, please reply down here or send a PM!

Thank You!

Obscura Consilium, Sarlona