There's been a wave of dissatisfaction with the Protection domain. Now, I fear the chances of rolling out another tree for Cleric and Favored Soul are minuscule, at best. Therefore, I'd like the protector domain more useful.

Combine/eliminate some of the less useful enhancements - make room for ~5 new combat-oriented enhancements. Throw the battle clerics/fvs a bone.

Tier 1
Protect by engaging
Passive: +1 attack / damage with deity's favored weapon
Active: Gain SLA "Apprentice's Touch" (as Master's Touch but -1 to hit/damage)

Tier 2
Improved Divine Favor
Gain SLA: Divine Favor - uncapped. +4 bonus at CL12, +5 at CL15, etc.

Tier 3
Heal or Fight?
Whenever you cast a protective/healing spell, you gain 10/20/30% sacred doublestrike for number of seconds equal to the spell level.

Tier 4
Improved Divine Power
Gain SLA (or stance?): Divine Power that also grants caster level/5 alchemical bonus to str/dex/con + Tenser's penalties.

Tier 5