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    Default Spellsinger Bards: I'm disappointed.

    So I don't have a capped bard at the moment, so I wasn't able to fully play with the bard tree. However, I was hoping for and expecting to see some sonic based SLAs. My question is if these were perhaps buried beneath some of the higher tiers and I simply couldn't see them. I'm assuming no, but you never know. In particular I don't see that leaked sonic wall spell from several months ago.

    I was anticipating that I would be able to make a viable sonic based caster after this pass. The new spellsinger tree doesn't add anything new to the mix, except that it combines virtuoso, which I have no interest in and is actually a major drawback for me.

    The capstone is actually pretty cool now for spellsingers, getting heal and wail as level 6 spells, but that still doesn't sell the tree for me. I really want greater shout, soundburst, and that fabled sonic wall spell as SLA's.

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    There is a sonic SLA in tier 5 of the war chanter tree. That about covers it. I have high hopes the bard spells were were looking at seeing are actually slated to go to the spells lists instead. That makes more sense to me.
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    Default Bard manifesto!


    After seing the new bard prestiges I must confess I was actually very pleased. I play the spellsinger and for me the fusion with virtuoso was an inteligent move, since that is what support bards would go for anyways.
    In the warchanter bard it seems to be possible to acquire all the ally buffs. Now after paying a bit more attention I noticed on the warchanter: the inspired bravery and the poetic edda are both described as attack bonus and there is none for damage bonus. Is this intended? or mistake from whoever posted the prestiges in wiki? If it is intended please explain the sense of it... there is no real need to boost attack that much in my view.

    Now something of ubber importance--- WHERE IS THE HEALING ABILITY?!?! WHERE?
    The spellsinger has now the nice perk of the old virtuoso- the sustaining song- but that all it is, a perk.
    it is nice outside of combat, however in combat it is required of a healer to heal his allies FAST, little overtime healing wont do the trick!!!! Is this intended?!? Are you thinking of anyway to cope with this?

    You've added the Heal spell to the bard list. Nice move since the bard had some trouble with solo target heals. for each point in the spellsinger tree you gain 1 USP is decent, but for an 80 healing spell power you need to spend ALL the points in this tree, IT IS SIMPLY TOO MUCH SPECIALIZATION in a class that is generalist and has to be in order to be usefull. How is that fair?! It could be worth it if bard damage spells did a good amount of damage, not the case.

    Inspired by the way you are trying to add some changes in spell power my proposal is:

    make the perform skill count for healing power on bards instead of the points spent in spellsinger. that way even warchanter would have a litle healing. At level 20 a charismatic bard should have arround 60 base its still a loss compared to the 80 it we could get easily.

    I know the prestiges are suposed to help in specialize and that to gain something you have to lose something- its fair. However, bard is a generalist class. When I started playing the bard my friends used to say "Metta can do anything!", it was the struggle of playing with a non fucntional class arrangement that made me improve my bardic playing and enjoying the bard so much that it eventualy became my main toon. If i lose the ability to do anything I am not "Metta" anymore.

    What I am trying to say is: make sure these changes you dont lose one healing class. A spellsinger should be able to heal in raids as it is live, whithout having to spend ALL of its points in the spellsinger tree. A bard is a generalist and ALL the members of a party are expecting usefull buffs from the bard.

    A note on wail of the banshee. The life and death stuff seems cool, made me remind of dirge from fatesinger. But lets be honest you nerfed the enchantment DC bonus possible to get, it is now -1 than in live. And enchantment is the bard main school. Wail is a necromancy spell which means its dc will be at least -2 than enchantment assuming you focus on this school. Bards ahve trouble with enchanment DC and spell pen as it is now, do you really think wail is ever going to kill something other than our patience?!

    This appeared on the developments section a while ago:

    "Wall of Sound - Creates a wall of sound This spell does 2 to 8 Sonic damage plus 1 additional point of damage per caster level (up to a max of 25 additional points at caster level 25) to enemies. Oozes are particularly susceptible to the pitch of the sound, and take an additional 2 to 8 Sonic damage. In addition, enemies caught in the Wall of Sound may begin dancing on a failed Will save, and become slowed thereafter on a failed Fortitude save."

    Aim for something like this- it is usefull and unique, something you say: "that is our bard rocking over there". Not a wizzy copy cat!


    Mettalina Bard from Sarlona. (yes, my toon has bard on the name, thats how much I like it! Keep it that way )

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    I agree with everything the previous posters have said, and would like to add this (which I admittedly copied from my post on the official bard enhancements.

    One of the core abilities of a spellsinger on live is the ability to have a chance of giving spellpoints to everyone in the party based on your perform skill.

    Why is this missing now?

    Please dont point to the "10 temporary spellpoints" given to party members for bards who take 3 tiers of prodigy.

    I tested on live. Singing my standard buff songs gave everyone around me about 180 spellpoints. Now they get 10 temporary non stacking ones?

    If intentional, this is a massive and completely unnecessary nerf, if unintentional it needs to be fixed before this goes live.

    If it is intentional, it needs to be reconsidered and changed before this goes live.

    Can a dev please comment on this issue?
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    Default Sadface

    Completely disapoint, that virtuosos is now gone and the songs are half, I play virtuosos bards, spellsinger and warchanter do not interest me in slightest. I can only hope this enhancement system does not go live
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