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    Default Spellsinger Bards: I'm disappointed.

    So I don't have a capped bard at the moment, so I wasn't able to fully play with the bard tree. However, I was hoping for and expecting to see some sonic based SLAs. My question is if these were perhaps buried beneath some of the higher tiers and I simply couldn't see them. I'm assuming no, but you never know. In particular I don't see that leaked sonic wall spell from several months ago.

    I was anticipating that I would be able to make a viable sonic based caster after this pass. The new spellsinger tree doesn't add anything new to the mix, except that it combines virtuoso, which I have no interest in and is actually a major drawback for me.

    The capstone is actually pretty cool now for spellsingers, getting heal and wail as level 6 spells, but that still doesn't sell the tree for me. I really want greater shout, soundburst, and that fabled sonic wall spell as SLA's.

    edit: whoops, change your name, lose all reputation and join date. whoops
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