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    Currencies accepted in order of priority:

    - +11 Charismatic Ring/Cloak of Wizardry/Dodge
    - Turbine Points

    Here is the list of things I want to sell:

    • Necklace of Eidolons
    • EE Nether Grasps
    • EE Goatskin Boots (115% fort)
    • EE Gloves of the Master Illusionist
    • EE Backstabber Gloves
    • EE Shade's Hood
    • EE Thunder and Lightning
    • EE Blue Helm (+8 Wis)
    • EE Black Helm (+8 Str)
    • EE White Helm (+3 Ins Con)
    • Globe of True Imperial Blood
    • EE Consuming Darkness
    • EE Ghost-Waking Cloak (ASAH)
    • EE Bracers of the Twisting Shade
    • EE Fell Shiv
    • EE Ancient Band
    • Primastic Cloak Green (Spot +20)

    Send a PM or write here if interested!
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