I'm one of the many effected by the forum account association issues. I received this follow up e-mail today at 4:45PM EST, after submitting a ticket Monday night at 11:56PM (EST):

Greetings *******,

Thank you for contacting Turbine Community Support.
We are currently working to re-associate your forum account properly. Please note that while we are working to resolve this issue for you:

  • We do still have all of your posting/reputation history from your desired forum name. It is simply currently disassociated, and we are working to correct this for you.
  • No one is able to "steal" your original forum name while we complete our work for you. If your account did not properly migrate, this can cause the system to fail to recognize your original forum name, but the system will disallow anyone else from taking your forum name in the meantime.
  • In cases where the display name has been associated with the wrong subscription on your account, we are able to correct this issue for you and you do not need to take any additional steps at this time.

Once we have properly associated your forum display names/posting history with your account, any temporary forum display name you may have picked in the interim will no longer be accessible. Posts made by the temporary name will still be visible on the forums, but won't be tied to your restored forum name.
Thank you for your patience, and we will send another update for you once we have resolved your forum issue.

- The Turbine Customer Service Team

Figured I'd share, not sure if anyone else has posted such a response, because there are so many "hate" threads on here now.