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    Default Nobody wanted these boxes.

    We really just wanted the PrEs and other enhancements done. A tree-like UI would have been gravy. (Yeah, I can't speak for anybody but myself, but I certainly haven't managed to find anybody in chat, group, or guild who is very happy with the way things are going on Lamannia right now).

    But this...yeah. Some good, yes. But with per-tree costing, build limitations, and implicit pathing to certain build styles--yeah. Not good.

    Please, take into account that any artificial restrictions placed on builds, be it via restricting cost prereqs to a per-tree level, or limiting trees themselves, are going to eliminate what makes this game so attractive.

    Personally I would like to see something like what we have already, just finished. The ability to think outside the box when making builds. That sort of thing. Not what seems to be "but you can still have great builds IF you think within our boxes". Because that would suck.
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    I'm surprised at all of the people who were begging for the new enhancements who are shocked now that they are getting them. This is exactly what I expected and why I didn't want them to hurry up and get the new system done.

    Really, did you guys just think they were going to add new abilities to the existing system? The devs have said repeatedly that they hate the existing enhancement system and planned a total overhaul. And this is what we get.

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    For the record. The enhancement system on live is just as much a tree as the one on Lamannia. It's just represented differently. Live also has restrictions on AP spent, class levels and some prerequisities. However, that one could be regarded as a single tree on which you could spend all your AP. The one on Lamannia is a bit more limited since points in one tree don't count as points spent for another tree.

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    Also Turbine has heard for 7 years how unfriendly the enhancement UI was for new players.

    Even today many new players don't know what a PRE is or how to get one.

    Then people come to these very forums and complain about people having bad characters and bad builds.

    So displaying it in an easier format is fine with me. Now getting everything working and "balanced" in this format is more the challenge.
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