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    Default Fun with Shiradi, remember when 12 sorc/4 fvs/3 wiz was a gimp build?

    Shiradi Fun

    3 Ranks of repair power
    1 rank Inscribed
    7 ap spent

    Splash 3 levels of wiz to get
    3 Ranks of Improved Maximizing
    3 Ranks of Improved Empowering 2
    3 Ranks of spell critical force (3 different bubbles, pick force each time)
    and spend 3 points on whatever as pre-reqs.
    19 AP spent

    Splash 4 levels of FVS to get
    4 Ranks of smiting (four different bubbles)
    3 Ranks of scourge
    3 Ranks of Just Reward
    3 Ranks of Intense Faith
    3 Ranks of Improved Maximizing
    2 Ranks of Improved Empower

    13 Levels of Fire Sorc with
    3 Ranks of Improved Maximizing
    3 Ranks of Improved Empower
    4 Ranks of Fire Critical (four different bubbles)
    3 Points of whatever pre-reqs
    23 AP spent

    * If you have arcane augmentation gear, then you can optionally drop a level of Sorc for one more wiz for 2% more force crits.
    * If you have gear that reduces empower/metamagic costs and you plan to wear it then you can move a few points out of improved empower.

    What do you get?

    • Everything is a pseudo-sla with free empower/maximize and sorcerer casting speed
    • Every fire/force/physical crit gets you 10 temporary mana. You get sp for each individual crit, so Chain casting magic missile and magic missile against two opponents provides tons of temp sp.
    • Repair moderate cures about 100-150 hitpoints for 8 mana (can be temporary mana)
    • 14-16% chance to crit for force spells before adding any equipment.
    • The 3 ranks of intense faith adds back casting levels to the arcane force/fire spells so the sorcerer casting level is 15-16 before any arcane augmentation.

    *edit* there seems to be some confusion. This isn't a theory build, I tested this on the alpha server. This post describes what I had after tweaking my nova soul build until it was a sorc build.
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    You can only take 3 trees I think, but otherwise yea, you can probably do this.

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    don't count on the improve metamagics stacking
    PS: Greensteel RUINED the game! and you all know it!
    less buffing, more nerfing!!!
    to make it easier for those of you that wants to avoid me in game, all my characters are in "Bladesworn Mercenaries"

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    If only you could cast meteor swarm.

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