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    Default Savants Suggestions

    First off, I've only dabbled in fire so far, this is because my main on Live is a fire savant and Im trying to get comparison, thus my gear and such remain static while I test the new enhancements.

    I'm intending to do a surver/bug report later on, but for now I'd like to simply discuss what Im seeing.

    1. More caster levels: Currently Im casting at lvl33 with the savant bonuses and draconic, thats 22 higher than scorching ray, and 13 higher than Delayed Blast Fireball(Meteor Swarm to my knowledge isn't even affected). Taking all max caster level raises into account I may get DBF to take full advantage of the bonus, but its lost on basically everything else. I'd normally embrace this as giving me options, if it wasn't required to take all of them, in both draconic and the savants, to access the benefits I CAN still use.
    Im begging to see caster levels uncapped in element entirely for sorcs, perhaps tied to the apotheosis form(more on that below), but at least please give us 2 max level raises for each level given in savant, that way we can be sure to use all of our caster levels we are investing in, even if I never get to try a machine gun scorching ray.

    2. I am losing 10% damage at least vs my main build, not accounting for a large critical hit damage reduction aswell as not seeing them as often. This is numerical tweaking and Im not prepared enough to offer suggestions exactly but perhaps the crit mods could be increased, and maybe the per-level spellpower as well, ought to work nicely.

    3. Spellcraft, Im not gonna rant, but since spellpower is more effective than caster levels at increasing spell damage without any sort of cap or interactions. It seems to me that a class with a decided focus on dps ought to benefit at least as much from taking the spellpower skill as the rest of the arcane classes. Especially given we lack the faculties of versatility offered to other classes.

    4. Really think there needs to be some re-evaluation of the costs, requirements and effects inside the savants, taking higher level abilities requires a lot of useless fluff. Right now as a fire savant I have the options at first level of burning hands(not even good dps at level), haggle/intim(not relevant to my being a sorcerer), a critical hit increase(tiny), a small bonus to an elemental resistance, and a stacking spellpower effect that is only effective if Im spam-burning sp.

    Only 2 of those effect spells Ill be using for any period of time, and one outright encourages poor mana usage and zerging.

    Frankly I began the savant line and immediately encountered a situation where I didn't want ANY of it, and I in fact had to invest an untenable amount of my points into these skills. Next up I see the efficient metamagics in spades, absolutely great, it makes sense on a toon likely burning sp at high speed, along with more crits(still too little, I feel).

    Then the spellpoint proc, which is entirely insignificant at the level offered, at 15 temp sp I might be interested but I cast 65-70 sp spells most of the time, 30 percent chance of 3 spellpoints is nothing.

    The elemental bypass isn't actually bad in concept, its just not really that useful, since 15 damage added to 800 isn't worth discussion.

    The top tier stuff is largely awesome, I like that its relevant to the powers of sorcerers, although I hate the fire guard, its useless. And slaving the already debatably effective heat death to that is just not cool. At that level of the game, its a very useful ability in the situations where it works, but those are few and far between as its blood dependent and the saves are always very low.

    I'd drop the fire guard or swap it for something endgame relevant, like the evo dcs or more spellpower.

    5. The fire form takes forever to get and is literally a debuff by definition. Don't get me wrong, it looks beautiful, I've wanted exactly this forever, but it sucks. 1 caster level in fire costs me 3 to every other element, lose more than I gain by a huge margin. The resistances have flavor I guess, I won't argue. My idea is to make it add dcs to fire, give it a significant fire guard like 5d6, add some more spellpower because you always need more. I dream of getting a PM style heal off of some of my fire spells, maybe 25-50% so I can get a bit of kick back when I run in to E-Burst for example, but I don't honestly expect such a thing to ever happen.

    Really though, the form is very unrewarding and makes me sad because it feels like it should be more significant.

    My ideas include the following:

    Double the spellpower bonuses for each savant core enhancement and include more max caster level raises.
    Replace some early level enhances for the savants with static spellpower, if any class makes sense to get it, its sorcs.

    Drop the fire guard, replace it with something more endgame relevant like fire dcs, OR make it first tier, make the spellpower tick a static bonus and place it at tier 4.

    Jack up the elemental bypass, and the spellpoint proc.

    Get rid of the spellpower tick altogether, its a really bad idea to encourage the kind of behavior this will require.

    Fix the form, make it feel like embracing your element to the point of merging with it, not just tiny TINY increases in stats that don't even help.

    Sorry for the wall of text, just trying to get it down so people can discuss
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    Another point: The fact that first tier stuff is so irrelevant to my dps and casting mean taking multiple trees is practically usless, I'd have to split half and half to even get to anything worth having, since we don't even have mutliple prestiges, evidently.

    You can't even really just take more charisma or spellpower to get a little bit of work on the other element, it costs too much to get that far into the second tree.

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