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    I am not sure if this is intentional, but it is currently possible as a sorcerer to take the reduce maximize cost twice in one tree for a 18 SP discount, you can also take it twice more in a second savant tree to have a reduction of 24 SP. This means that you can cast maximized spells for one more than the initial cost.
    If you take it 9 times total (a reduction of of 27) it does not cost anything to maximize your spells (I was wondering if your maximized spells would cost 2 less than base, but it maxes at -25).
    Not sure if this is WAI but it seems pretty neat.
    Even if taking it twice on the same tree is a mistake, one could take it on three separate savant trees if they wanted.

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    Pretty sure that's a bug
    because it wouldn't let me do that in the wizard tree.
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    yea pretty sure there was a dev post about things stacking atm that wasnt WAI. basically anything of the same name aside from stat boosts arent supposed to stack both in the same tree (such as 2 teirs of efficient metamagic, you wont be able to slot empower in each and reduce it to less then half) and cross tree, to prevent what your just mentioned...

    frankly, they should keep the stacking as it is, if someone wants to spread their points out like that, it wont be gamebreaking.

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    You can't take it in 3 trees.

    Infact I couldn't even have 3 trees active at all. After I spent a single point in a 2nd one, the third would grey out.

    Seems opposing savant trees cancle each other out, so pure sorc sadly gets locked 2 trees max.

    Don't agree it's a bug. But I think you should be limited to only being able to take it once per tree. (so 2x atm since you can only get 2 trees active).
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    I don't know if it is WAI, but I was able to get both free maximize and empower by triple classing sorc/wiz/fvs. It is a lot of points, but it kinda meant everything was a pseudo SLA.

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