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    A few things.

    The dex for attack and damage only takes effect if your dex bonus is higher than your str bonus. Your strength based half orc (and mine) can keep on keeping on.

    The bonus to trip attack applies to both str based trip and improved trip and also to dex based sweeping strikes. I wish sweeping strikes, trip, and improved trip would use whichever mod was higher, but as it you have both str and dex based trip options. I still like sweeping strikes on my half orc because I can cleave, g. cleave, whirlwind, and sweeping strikes... any trips, which are admittedly rare, are just bonus.

    The beauty of the new enhancements are the flexibility. Some of that means hard choices, otherwise there would indeed be one build to rule them all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrimalConcreteSledge View Post
    First of don't compare acrobats to assassins. Assassinate is not something you just take for a few ap and it works.

    Secondly i'd be very careful about giving anyone a no-save ability. Look where we ended up with shiradi.

    I think sweeping strike is a great ability, if it will be usefull in ee content, there is nothing to complain about.
    Firstly. Assassin is a tree. Assassinate is an ability in assassin tree. Mark the difference. Then check Assassin bottom row, level 18 ability. On vorpal, (chance to) kill humanoids. No tumble required.

    Secondly, yes and no. Guaranteed trip on 20 for pure rogue acrobat, as opposed to just using Walking Stick, and suddenly no-save trip on 20 doesn't sound that ridiculous. Yes, walking stick trip is fun, and yes, it triggers plenty. Nosave stun might be another story, but trip doesn't make things helpless, so it's only so useful.

    Thirdly, good luck on getting enough DC. It's a cleave-attack though, so it can work sometimes I guess, if you go for it.

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