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    Default My first time soloing Normal/Hard/Elite Raid

    Hi there! This will seem laughable to some people, but it's an achievement to ME nonetheless. I'm not an awesome player, my build isn't optimized very well (even I can see obvious flaws in it), and I habitually underestimate myself.

    So this started when Regtur Edisnori was about 22nd level, I believe. He's a pure Monk and was in Grandmaster of Flowers the first two times with no twists. The third time I was 24th level and in Legendary Dreadnought with Brace for Impact and Lily Petal twisted in.

    I soloed The Chronoscope on Heroic Normal, then Heroic Hard, then finally Heroic Elite. There was more than three days between each quest because I wasn't doing this as some sort of dedicated mission, but as a kind of side project that was secondary to leveling and having fun. I mainly wanted to see if I could do it.

    Now I know it may seem ridiculous and obvious to a lot of folks "It's a 6th level Raid, of course someone four times that level can curbstomp it!" but again, I'm not a great player and in the third quest I had trouble with Bloodplate. Razor Arm was annoying because he wouldn't stay still, but Bloodplate and his minions actually gave me a fight.

    So what did I get for my efforts? Well, by the end of it I had a full Abishai set, and several other named items as well, even a few duplicates to spread around to my lowbie characters.

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    Congratulations on soloing your first raid! Now get in there, and solo that **** on epic normal!

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