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    Quote Originally Posted by Bart_D View Post
    Top DCs and Shiradi nuking at the same time, am I missing any alternatives?
    Max DCs for a Wizard and Shiradi Champion are mutually exclusive.
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    Default Forcing Choices

    what if we don't want to be Pale Masters or Arch Mage? Some of us was happy with the choices that were available. Now you cannot have as much freedom to your character. If this keeps up it may turn out looking like WOW you are force feed what your character can do.

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    Default Animate Ally is Not Working Properly

    I haven't read through all the posts here so I don't know if someone's already brought this up, but the Animate Ally ability for Pale Masters is not working as it says it would. When I use it on my Onyx Panther, it goes back to full health and that's the end of the story. The enhancement says that the panther would become a zombie and suffer ill effects until death, but it just seems to work as some sort of True Resurrection or something like that to me. I haven't used it in the past few weeks, but I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware.

    Thank you!

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    Bug on Live Servers: The additional PRR granted by the Eldritch Knight Improved Shield SLA is not affected by Extend. It would be nice if this fix find's its way into the next Update.

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    This is an issue I've had on the live servers (Still downloading Lamannia): Eldritch Knight armor and shield proficiency enhancements don't count for feats. Reincarnating my wizard and adding in the Light and Medium armor proficiencies does not allow for me to take Heavy Armor proficiency, and I also don't have any of the various shield feats that require shield proficiency to function, even with the shield proficiency enhancement.

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