(posting in here because the build is mainly a rogue one)
I dropped the game an year ago (and my max lv is 18 sooo I didn't play it a lot back then TBH). So just asking. I know the EnhPass is probably coming in 2014, doesn't hurt to theorycraft on builds you know xD and it's pretty fun to do it ...

Given the current effects of the enhancements is something among the lines of (look below, short summary) worth it ?

12 rogue, 6 monk, 2 paladin, Human, dex based
I wanted to make a shuriken character who can fight with melee and do stuff (you know .. traps) and has a bit (no idea what is required on the lv20+ content) of survivability.

Human - 1 extra feat, +1 skill.
Paladin - obvious - the CHA to saves
Monk - 6 monk gives the 10k stars and 2 feats, the Ninja Spy line (Ninja training should give dex to dmg for shurikens, there are a couple enhancements, sneak attack goodies, Deadly exploits and shadow double look nice) AND the Shintao line with the defensive stance which as far as I can tell is a God bless for 2H characters (50 PRR and 5% dodge chance, I think while meleeing I can live with the extra threat gen)
Rogue - 12 rogue gives well the traps goodies, the Thief Acrobat looks REALLY nice - with all those clickies I think I wont need cleave and great cleave, not to mention one of those has the potential to knock down trash mobs, +15% attack speed with staves, some to-hit and damage with staves, immunity to most knock-downs and slippery stuff AND improved defensive roll.

Rogue - Defensive Roll
Monk - Dodge (to unlock the dodge enh lines in both rogue and monk), 10k stars
General - Quickdraw, PointBlank Shot, Rapid Shot, Shuriken Expertise

Those are the feats I really need for the Shuriken part of the build, I have a lot of feat space left (1 monk, 1 human, 3 general). I was thinking of getting up to Great Cleave but with all the clickies it might be unneeded (and it opens the STR points needed to invest for them + 3 feats).

Might as well take Resilence or Precision but I'm not really sure how many stances I can use ... As far as I can tell the Defensive Strikes is a defensive one so I can use it with String of the Ninja (weapon stance) and I have left a combat stance and an offensive stance ? Anyway if I can use Resilence with Defensive Strikes .. why not ? +4 Reflex save = +4% chance to trigger the Defensive Roll.

With all that space I might as well take Toughness and Improved Critical, Power Critical (with a weapon focus). Not really sure it'll need the THF feat-lines.

In summary the build will have
- Traps (d'oh xD)
- A decent ranged damage with the shurikens (I hope)
- Should be able to deal some damage with melee as well
- Like 20%+ dodge ? (3% from Dodge, 6% from monk levels, 3% shadow dodge, 3% acrobatic, 3% or so from an item, +5% defensive strikes ... sooo 23% dodge I'm sure it can go higher without mobility and spring attack)
- Some AC both from dex, wis and the enhancements on the way
- 50 PRR
- Not really sure how much but should have a killer reflex save (let's say 50 for the sake of the next line) (both from CHA and being heavy-DEX build)
- 50% chance to reduce the melee damage to 20% when below 50% hp.

Sooo with all that the char shouldn't like ... die from 1-2 blows xD. I hate the lack of self-healing but with the required 6 lvs of monk (for 10k stars) I can't go with artificer sooo what ... 11 levels of wizard for the reconstruct =/ ? Kind of locks down the options.