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    Unless you're happy playing a healbot, divine classes have little to offer in the new system. Evocation DCs are mediocre for Implosion, and kiting 10k HP trashmobs through 450 point Blade Barriers is a snoozefest.

    Meleeing as a divine is a dangerous proposition compared to good melee builds. Your only paths for damage avoidance are Incorporeality or Dodge:

    * While 6 Monk/Ninja Spy provides 25% Incorporeality while centered, your casting ability is significant reduced due to fewer divine levels.

    Dodge is great damage avoidance, but maxing it out just isn't possible without being centered and 6 Monk levels:
    10% item
    03% Acrobatic (assumes 2 levels of Monk for feats; centered)
    02% Monk level 2
    03% Dodge feat (assume this is a Martial bonus feat)
    02% Mobility (assume this is a Martial bonus feat)
    01% Haste spell
    04% delta if 6 levels of Monk available
    25% Dodge (cap)

    Without Monk levels, you're looking at 11% Dodge.

    * If you go Monk for damage avoidance, then your damage mitigation is nerfed. Full BAB (28 with Divine Power) provides 22.6 PRR with medium armor. Centered Monk Master Earth stance is 12 PRR and costs you a feat.

    If Warpriest needs anything, it's some amount of Incorporeality (divine/angelic form?) and/or Dodge without relying on being centered with 6 levels of Monk.
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    Just logged in on lama for the first time in months to have a look at the new FvS enhancements and must say I'm less than underwhelmed. It seriously took the Devs 2 years to come up with _this_? They must be messing with us. Is this really going live?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddobard1 View Post
    dont see an issue in fvs another pre be protection.... i would be confused if fvs could heal like cleric!
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    SUPPOSED to be better at healing than a Cleric.
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    Devs, if you dont want to change AoV, can FvS get access to Divine Disciple tree? Its a better caster tree than AoV, and with the slas, more fun.

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    Default AoV tree needs repair

    After update 19 every caster class is armed to teeth with powerful SLA's even artificiers have them . Only exception is Fvs "caster" tree....Searing light capstone avaible at 20lvl are joke compared to other SLA's.
    Angel of Vengeance tree BADLY needs new SLA's. Turbine i suggest to replace: Tier1 - Articles of Faith with Nimbus of light (or any other light spell)
    Tier2 - Inquisition with Holy Smite (or other spell)

    Also Vengeful Magic (total trash) tier 5 core ability MUST be replaced with a some new spellbook spells like sunbolt,sunbeam, sunburst.

    If you are not going to fix Angel of Vengeance tree at least give Fvs access to Divine disciple - it's way better than AoV in current form.

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    Default Sunbolt Capstone

    As far as I know, a non metemagic affected Sunbolt is way more powerful than a Empowered, Maximized Searing Light spell and thats by

    1. being a Sun Elf

    2. having 19 levels of FvS with 1 level of Cleric

    3. Removing the Cleric class through a +1 heart


    Devs, please, arm FvSs to the teeth with its own powerful SLAs, this is just ridiculous.

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