AoV tree looks fairly decent.

Its mostly missing +30 hp (on Live my human FvS can get +70 hp from enhancements, on Lam currently only +40 hp). Suggested fix is to add 3 levels of +10 hp cost 2 ap to tier 5 of both FvS trees (tier 5 so noone can access it in both trees).

It may also be missing Unyielding Sov though I am uncertain if thats somehow autogranted with picking a faith as I havent done a TR or LR on Lam with my char copied FvS.

Wand and Scroll Mastery appears to be bugged - it adds nothing to my heal scrolls atm - but thats a simple bug to be fixed and not a design issue.

Apart from that the tree looks workable without anything out of the ordinary.

Protection on the other hand looks extremely boring. I dont see anyone using that much. Maybe add Greater Command as a tier 4 og tier 5 SLA but more than that is needed.

And definitely atleast one more tree is needed specifically designed for the FvS.