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    Default Dodge cap stacking

    Which of these, if any, stack regarding dodge cap:

    Feat: Mobility
    +2 Armor Max Dexterity Bonus Augment
    Kensai Tier 2 Enhancement "Ascetic Training" (Agility Tier3)
    Tempset Tier 3 Enhancement "Improved Mobility"

    Any tips would be helpful. For that matter does the augment and Mobility stack?

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    Kensai and Tempest Improved Mobility does not stack with each other.

    Kensai and Ninja Spy Agility does not stack ith each other. (But Kensai Agility is bugged and does not raise Dodge cap currently)

    Both enhancement lines above stack with each other, but not inside the same group. Eg, a Kensai can stack both enhancements, and a Ranger/Monk can stack both enhancements. Either will end up with a dodge cap of 31%.

    Mobility feat (or enchantment) and MDB blue augment stacks with all, but for it to work, you must be using an armor or tower shield. Robes/Vests and non-tower shields already have no limit on MDB, and thus, does not affect your dodge cap. It serves to lessen the effect of armor cap, not raising your natural dodge cap.
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    Thank you, that makes a ton of sense. Also did not realize Kensai agility was bugged. Does it still grant the Reflex save?

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