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I don't agree. You don't just get that one SLA for 24 AP you get 4, which is 4 more than druids have now. And all 4 of them are good DPS. Well worth 24AP. Especially when you consider that the 24 AP is also being added to your Universal Spell power.

I really like the Uni spell power per point because to me it means every single point I spend in the tree is being put to use, regardless of what I am spending it on.

Keep in mind I am speaking purely from a caster druid perspective. I do not melee at all.

Another thing I think is a good addition for caster druids are the wand and scroll mastery. Something which I felt we were missing. Heal scrolls currently on live are useless for me. Although, on Lam right now the wand and scroll mastery is not working on heal scrolls. But I hope this is a bug and not intended. If intended then this is bad.

Overall I like the way it has been done. Melee druids can specialise and so can casters. We are no longer forced to live with any crossover if we don't want to. But for the people who like to be "jack of all trades", they can take some of each tree/style. No you wont be as powerful as the specialists but that is the price you pay for melee and spells rather than one or the other.

As a pure caster, I don't see anything usefull in natures warrior for me. That does mean I will end up with no +to my HP but I guess I am a caster and casters in general have a reduced HP compared to other classes so it brings be in line with other caster classes. So I like that aswell.

Overall I am very happy. The only thing I don't like is the winters heart ability. But its the same as on live. I am a ranged caster so an ability trigger spell that centres on me is pointless. It is better suited to a melee, but alas it is a T5 in the caster tree. I think this makes it even more useless than it currently is on live. Not sure how many jacks will take that T5 as they will be limited in selection already.
This. Overall, the druid caster tree seems quite good. The SLAs are good. Produce Flame beats any sorc tier 1 SLA. Creeping Cold is very good, easily competing with any of the sorc tier 2 SLAs. Call Lightning is comparable to the Air Savant's lightning bolt, and makes a good tier 3 SLA. Overall, even if they don't fix the cooldown and word of balance and sunburst, druid's have excellent SLAs, maybe even one of the best sets. If they do fix cooldowns, then I'd say druid's have the best SLAs without question. Still undecided on whether that means sorcs should be buffed or druid's dialed back a bit, but I'm leaning towards buffing sorcs, given the meh nature of their trees overall.