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    Default my very limited trade list

    just looking to do some trading I've got

    1 EE +8 charisma blue dragon helm

    1 EN ancient band
    1 Icy Raiment
    12 flawless black scales
    9 flawless white scales
    39 restored dragon relics
    5 restored giant relics

    I am looking for

    EE Field Optics +3 cha
    EE Kardins eye
    EE Iron beads
    EE Ring of the Djinn
    EE Death's Locket
    EE Girdle of Giants' Brawn (augments intact please)

    I will be updating this thread as I acquire new items and trade old ones away mp me at Camazotz-1 and if I'm not on just leave a message here, thank you.
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