It's been a while, and I'm just wondering what the build for an U17 (that's the update we're on, right?) pure healer/DC caster cleric looks like.

Race: Human
Classes: Cleric 20 or Cleric 19/Wizard 1

Question: Do I go Wizard 1 for the force enhancement on blade barriers? What's the damage difference on a maxed out blade barrier with and without the wizard force enhancement?

Str: 8 (0 points)
Dex: 8 (0 points)
Con: 16 (10 points)
Int: 8 (0 points)
Wis: 18 (16 points) (all level ups)
Cha: 10 (2 points)

Question: Drop 2 points of con for +4 dex? Gives +2 AC, reflex saves for less hitpoints. Or higher charisma for extra turnings, but I suspect I'll get enough of those as is.
At low level's I'll just be cheating the low strength by twinking with good gear. Once blade barrier comes online, it doesn't matter.

Also, I might have 32 point buy available, I can't quite recall. Looking for opinions on the boost dex/boost cha debate.

Question: Skills: Concentration and UMD. +2 int tome at 7 gives 13 skill points; balance or jump or tumble...(or something else)?

Human Feat: Extend Spell (swap for Spell Penetration Later)
Level 1 Feat: Toughness (This is the only defensive feat; no shield mastery, which I see some people using. Is it okay to run with minimal defenses like this)?
Level 3 Feat: Empower Healing
Level 6 Feat: Maximize
Level 9 Feat: Quicken
Level 12 Feat: Empower
Level 15 Feat: Heighten Spell
Level 18 Feat: Spell Focus: Evocation
Level 21 Feat:
Level 24 Feat:

Question: I'm worried that there is no greater spell penetration/greater spell focus in there...and I don't know anything about epic feats yet.

This section is a bit messy, since I did it in notepad + wiki pages while offline.

*Cleric Charisma 2 (4 pts)					Running total: 4
*Cleric Divine Vitality 1 (1 pt)				Running Total: 5
Cleric Wisdom 3 (12 pts)					Running total: 17
*Follower of the Sovereign Host (2 pts)				Running total: 19
*Unyielding Sovereignty (4 pts)					Running total: 23
	Energy of the Zealot 3 (7 pts)					Running total: 30
	Improved spell Penetration 2 (6 pts)				Running total: 36
Cleric Wand and Scroll mastery 4 (10 pts)			Running total: 46
	*Cleric Improved Empower Healing 2 (6 pts)			Running total: 52
*Cleric Life magic 4 (10 pts)					Running total: 62
*Cleric Prayer of Incredible life 1 (1 pt) (crit amount)	Running total: 63
*Cleric Prayer of Life 1 (1 pt)					Running total: 64
*Cleric Improved Turning 1 (1 pt)				Running total: 65
*Improved Heal Skill 2 (2 pts)					Running total: 67

Radiant Servant 1 (4 pts) 					Running total: 71
Radiant Servant 2 (2 pts)					Running total: 73

Human Adaptability Wisdom (2 pts)				Running total: 75 pts	
Human Greater Adaptability Constitution (4 pts)
Racial Toughness 3 (1/3/6 pts) (10/10/10hp)			Running total: 78 pts (rank 2)
Human Improved Recovery (healing amp) 2/4/6 (10/20/30%)		Running total: 80 pts (rank 1)
I'm not getting full ranks of Energy of the Zealot, Improved Spell Penetration, and Improved Empower Healing.
I'd also love another rank of human healing amplification and the greater adaptability (constitution) and another rank of I drop Energy of the Zealot altogether? Where else can I free up points? What am I taking that I don't need?

I'm not worrying about the easily changable choices (gear) yet, just the things that are easier if you pick once and get them right that time.