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    Default Which to use... fatal harrier or reaving roar?

    I am new to druid animal forms... I'm planning on going towards a wolf doublestrike build, so it seems like using fatal harrier (which is a pre-requisite for druid celerity) is the way to go.

    However, people rave about reaving roar, so that seems tempting, but you can only run in one of these stances at once.

    I hope to get the opinions of some experienced wolves and bears out there!

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    I found reaving roar amazing at the level you get and then some. FWIW, i was in a druid/monk build focused on doublestrikes via natural fighting feats.

    Pro - not many things resist or are immune to sonic, decent chunk of dmg 13d6, and aoe to boot.

    Con - requires killing blow so better for soloing, small groups, and well coordinated groups. Also at later levels the amount of sonic dmg begins to pale compared to enemy overall hit point totals.

    Won't help during single boss fights, but then again neither would fatal harrier.

    Recommend RR straight away and since an enhancement switch around later if desired.

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    It's possible to take both stances for only 4 APs more, so why don't you spec for both and experiment to see which you like better? Experience is the best teacher, grasshopper.
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    reaving roar - is basicly way to go from lvl 7 to 18-20. Its really good for destroing a large and medium groups. On lvl when you get it is god like. After some time when you hit inspirate quarteer / fear factory it will have lower on elite. But yeh its really good.

    fatal harrier - is good for single target killing of mobs. when you get it fully stack its really good. but the problem is ti get it fully stacked (normal and hard difficult is easy to stack but on elite is nearly impossible)

    7-20 reaving roar > fatal harrier
    20-25 reaving roar = fatal harrier depand on size of groups and dificult

    Haste + 5x Fattal Harrier + Wind Stance + Celerity is really nice damage

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